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Civic Theatre Break Even (W01)


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Subject to a successful HLF Stage 2 funding application, the Civic Theatre will be fully restored to its former glory.  As part of this process, the theatre has been expanded and enhanced to provide the opportunity to increase the number of shows, attendance to each show and the yield from each seat, alongside increased secondary spend from bar catering and merchandising.  The theatre, working alongside Hullaballoon, will also provide the opportunity to expand the range of events and activities taking place throughout the day and not just at performance time.

Following the restoration of the Civic Theatre it is intended to open in autumn 2017, initially with a small deficit of approximately £100,000 per year thereafter, following the re-launch and rebuilding of the customer base alongside increased sales, the theatre will move to breakeven by 2020/21.


W01 Civic Theatre - Break Even

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Cut W01 (Civic Theatre Break Even)

Why is the Council investing in a loss making venture. How can £100,000 pa be construed as a small loss given the scale of the cuts facing the Borough and the loss of services to the most vulnerable in our community? Is there certainty that the loss will return a profit in the future? If there is no certainty then how can this proposal be justified? There other theatres in the region that people with the personal resources can access for their annual visit to the panto. This is not the case for families and individuals in crisis

Cut W01 (Civic Theatre Break Even)

In connection with your answer to FAQ about the Civic Theatre restoration you do not mention the £1.6m contribution the Council will be making.

Cut W05 (Cockerton Library)
Cut W01 (Civic Theatre Break Even)
FF 52b (A Remodelled Dolphin Centre including the Central Library)

John Dean Chair Darlington for Culture 07889 554931 The committee of Darlington for Culture met tonight (Friday Feb 5) to discuss Darlington Borough Council’s budget proposals and the damage they will do to the social cohesion of the town. We are outraged by the Government’s swingeing spending settlement and are throwing our full support behind The Northern Echo’s online petition to call for a Parliamentary debate on the spending targets that necessitated cuts to many crucially important services (to be found at However, the DfC committee does not believe that the council should be completely absolved from blame and deplores the proposed closure of Crown Street and Cockerton Libraries and the withdrawal of the mobile library service. We remain to be convinced that the proposed replacement library in the Dolphin Centre will be anywhere near an adequate replacement. It is no surprise that the proposals to close libraries have sparked anger and Darlington for Culture will oppose these cuts because libraries are not just important cultural institutions but socially valuable and about much more than books. For readers, libraries are an important part of many people’s lives, enabling them to access books without having to pay for them, allowing people of all ages and all backgrounds to add richness to their lives. In addition, many children access books at libraries, supporting what often becomes a lifelong passion for reading. Closing Crown Street and Cockerton will adversely affect the lives of thousands of people, including the diverse groups that use these valuable community resources. Libraries host a wide range of community services and groups and all this is threatened. The computers contained in both libraries are a lifeline for many people who use them to apply for jobs, apply for benefits and access information. The proposal to scrap the mobile library alarms us as well because of the service it provides to schools and isolated communities. In addition, we fear that the decision will result in the loss of the town’s art gallery, which currently resides in Crown Street Library and which has attracted many thousands of people to view a wide variety of works of art. We will also be asking the council why, as has been reported, it is necessary to use savings from cuts to the library service to help fund the restoration of Darlington Civic Theatre. While we support the restoration of the Civic, indeed we submitted a letter in support of the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding, we remain concerned that the borough’s much loved library facilities may be sacrificed to plug an apparent gap about which we certainly had heard nothing. In the case of Cockerton Library, Darlington Borough Council has had several opportunities to work with the community over the past three years in order to devise a future for the Library and has failed to take advantage of them. Darlington for Culture has been one of the organisations ready to help with the right support and has been involved in many of the discussions. We urge the council to renew efforts to seek ways of working in partnership with the community to keep the library open because it is an important service for the people of Cockerton and neighbouring areas. We urge the council to look again at its proposals to close Cockerton Library and to reconsider its proposals for the library service in general. We also view with dismay the proposals to sell off or close the covered market which is such an important building in the town. We will be urgently seeking answers from the council to all these issues and the apparent gap in the Theatre’s finances. We will also be seeking clarity on whether further cuts to arts and culture are buried in the small print. Darlington for Culture is an organisation owned and run by individual and organisational members across the town. We will be calling a special meeting of our members to discuss how we proceed in the face of these devastating cuts.

Cut W12 (Grounds Maintenance, Horticulture, Parks and Countryside Management)
Core LLE12 (Indoor and Outdoor Markets)
Cut W01 (Civic Theatre Break Even)
FF 53u (Wildflower Meadows Invest to Save Fund)
FF 52b (A Remodelled Dolphin Centre including the Central Library)

Sir, with regard to your March edition of 'one Darlington' and the proposed council cutbacks, and feedback you requested. 1. Sell the Covered Market into private ownership a.s.a.p. ( It should have been sold years ago ), create revenue. 2. Close all Town Libraries. I am an avid reader and have two books 'on the go ' at anyone time yet I have not visited any library in town for over 25 years. I obtain my literature from Charity shops and the British Lions bookshop near Guru. I have an old desk top computer that has been upgraded three times over the years so I do not need to use the town internet facilities. 3. All Parks to be put to Lawns, Meadow, & Cut Grass. All Roundabouts to use spring flowering bulbs and summer flowering small shrubs, NOT bedding plants. 4. The Civic Theatre alterations must include enlarging the stage or performing area so that larger national productions can be shown, otherwise the £4 million spent will be completely wasted. If we still have the same small size stage area, what is the point in spending lots of money on new seats !! 5. Better use to be made of the Market Square which is an asset that just sits there year in, year out without creating revenue for the town. 6. Why are we spending over £20 million on rebuilding Red Hall Council estate ? The council has already spent millions over the years renewing houses on Firth Moor & Skerne Park estates. Is it the intention of Darlington council to just carry on demolishing council houses and replacing with new houses because the estates have become so rundown through ill usage by the tenants, who the Council have allowed to live there ? What is the planned frequency of council house replacements ( new for old ! ). Is it 30 years, or 40 or 50 before they are knocked down again ? My mother lives in a terrace house that she owns in Darlington that was built around 1900. She has had double glazing fitted and a new roof all at her own expense. However if her house was council owned it would, presumably, have been demolished in the last century and a new one built ? WHY IS THE BURDEN ALWAYS PUT ON PRIVATE HOME OWNERS ? Comment . 7. Bring the Darlington 1883 football team back to Darlington a.s.a.p. and return more revenue ( and Pride ? ) to the town. 8. The area of fields bordered by Park lane/ Grange Road/ and the River Skerne to be sold to private enterprise for development as a Sports Velodrome / Running Track to bring a sports facility into the town and create more income revenue. As for me, I am 61 years old, Darlington resident all my life, lived on Firth Moor Estate five years, Skerne Park Estate eight years, Albert Hill eight years ( with unlit toilet and coal house at the bottom of the yard and no central heating ). So just do what you have to do to balance the books and ignore all the 'weeping and wailing' that will inevitably follow.