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School Crossing Patrols (W14)


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Futures Fund

This cut may not get implemented in full because there are proposals to include the service within the futures fund. Please visit the futures fund proposal to find out more. 


  • 28 Locations across the Borough; all locations meet national criteria to provide a crossing service.
  • Estimated circa 780,000 crossing movements per year safely facilitated by the patrollers.
  • Roads crossed range from roads carrying 5000-6000 vehicle movements a day to roads which carries 23,000 vehicle movements a day.
  • The service contributes to strategies to reduce the numbers of cars on the road network and at the school gate in the morning and afternoon traffic peaks, as part of the Council’s traffic management duty.
  • There are wider benefits for road safety, physical activity, mental wellbeing and air quality.


The SCP service delivers against the Sustainable Community Strategy SCS; One Darlington; Perfectly Placed, in particular SAFER, GREENER and HEALTHIER enabling both Children and vulnerable people to cross the road. 

  • Perception of safety and actual risk for more vulnerable children without life skills would increase risk.
  • Increased congestion on distributor roads and around schools with more parents choosing to drive children to school.
  • Health: “Making the Case for Public Health Interventions” by the Kings Fund and LGA identifies that getting Children to Walk or Cycle to school offers the highest return in investment.


  • Decommissioning strategy required to manage risks of removing service ensuring parents know their responsibility for ensuring their Child’s safety travelling to school.
  • Given the previous reductions there is no further movement on the minimum level of service that is presently operated. Therefore, the decision to be considered is whether to cease the service completely.
  • Other models of delivery have been previously explored and not legally feasible.


W14 School Crossing Patrols

Related FAQs

Could schools not fund crossing patrols?

Could schools not fund crossing patrols?

Schools, like the Council, do not have a statutory requirement to provide a crossing patrol service. The Council has regular discussions with schools on a whole range of topics and we would expect the budget proposals will be raised again at future meetings.

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This table lists comments from the public about this proposal


Cut W14 (School Crossing Patrols)
FF 53t (Fund to Promote Public Sector Volunteering)

This is a transcription of a comment made during the public meetings held during the budget consultation:

Q: Why don’t we put a levy on schools to pay for their own school crossing patrols? It is part of their remit to ensure the safety of their pupils. Why doesn’t the Council have more partnerships with EE and Cummins so they do something tangible for the community?

A: We have strong partnerships with our schools but we can look to see if we can do more. We have partnerships with EE, Cummins and other big employers. Their staff give time volunteering and that time is invaluable. I expect that people don’t know how much volunteering goes on in this town. It is twice the national average. People in Darlington are very good at volunteering.