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Child Pedestrian Training (W17)


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Child Pedestrian training offers the development of life skills to 3,000 children at Y1,2 and 3 building up skills to enable children to be Safer, Greener and have healthier lifestyles. The service was previously funded from Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Grant

The service contributes to strategies to reduce the numbers of cars on the road network and at the school gate in the morning and afternoon traffic peaks, as part of the Council’s traffic management duty. There are wider benefits for road safety, physical activity, mental wellbeing and air quality.

The Pedestrian training service operates on a pool of 15 instructors with a supervisor who organises the scheme. The instructors are invited to deliver training courses.  The cost to provide the training is £32,000.


W17 Child Pedestrian Training

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Cut W17 (Child Pedestrian Training)

are you having a laugh ? dont the kids parents teach them how to cross the road?

Cut W17 (Child Pedestrian Training)

This is a cut that absolutely makes sense, i do feel for the individuals that will have to move on, but surely the Onis on Pedestrian training should and would be better placed on Teachers at the schools and indeed welcome any concerned parent to assist.