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Local Motion Sustainable Transport Promotion (W18)


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The programme aims to reduce the use of private cars for some journeys as part of Highway Authority’s traffic management duty and encourage/motivate people to use sustainable transport. This is delivered through a Personalised Travel Planning programme, provision of travel information/options and marketing campaigns targeted at specific groups, and includes working with businesses and job centres, as well as community groups and individuals.

The programme has been delivered for a number of years through grant funding and Darlington is nationally recognised leaders in this type of activity leading to the programmes being delivered in the Tees Valley as part of a joint LSTF funded project and under contract to Durham County Council.

The lack of future grant funding means the requirement to cease the service

The Council will retain a core function of 2 to 3 to provide public transport and sustainable transport statutory requirements.  The Council will continue to look to develop funding bids and business cases to fund staff to deliver requirements of workplace travel planning and travel behaviour resulting from planning obligations and new grant funding opportunities that will be cost neutral to the MTFP (ie staff levels above the core function).

Staff Impact

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Other Impacts

Sustainable Transport Funding Grant has secured over £20million funding in last 10 years and a reduced service will reduce ability to secure more from DfT and TVU LEP moving forward. (£8m capital available over the SEP term). 

Transport & Infrastructure Funding is being made available through competitive bidding processes. DBC needs to consider retaining an ability to develop schemes and win ‘fair share’ of funding.

The Local Motion activities help to reduce traffic congestion, hence reducing the need for additional capital investment in the highway network, improve health outcomes through active travel initiatives and assist developers in managing their parking requirements and enabling those members of the workforce who don’t have access to a car to access employment.  Accessibility to employment is a key issue particularly when dealing with the issue of worklessness. 


W18 Local Motion Sustainable Transport Promotion

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