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Maintain South Park to Existing Standards (£120,000)

Future Funds

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This will enable the Borough’s main park to be maintained to current standards.

[Reference: Cabinet papers, Item 6, paragraph 52(d)]

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Cut W12 (Grounds Maintenance, Horticulture, Parks and Countryside Management)
FF 52c (Funding to Maintain Open Space and Parks to Allow Standards to be Introduced at 50% of Current Levels)
FF 52d (Maintain South Park to Existing Standards)

The Councillors need to support the UK's parks and playing fields. People across all communities value their parks and playing fields being maintained and well managed or better still with improvements 91% of people in UK believe public parks and open spaces improve quality of life There are 2.6 billion estimated visits to the UK's parks each year 94% of people felt having green space close to where they live was important 83% of families with children aged 5 & under visit their local park at least once a month make sure they are still maintained well and are there for future generations to enjoy. Do not let them overgrow into rough pastures filling with litter and dog faeces or fly tipping.