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Festivals and Events (£90,000)

Future Funds

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To fund events such as the Festival of Thrift and to match fund and staff other events in partnership with others including a Christmas offer in place of traditional lights.

[Reference: Cabinet papers, Item 6, paragraph 52(h)]


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This table lists comments from the public about this proposal


FF 52h (Festivals and Events)

You have already saved half of this budget as you are surely not funding the festival of Thift when it is being held in Redcar this year

FF 52h (Festivals and Events)
Cut W07 (Events)
FF 52a (Economic Regeneration Team)
Cut Mc10 (Christmas lights)

This is a transcription of a comment made during the public meetings held during the budget consultation:

Q: Why do you have an events team when you don’t have any events – the fireworks have gone, the lights are going but the events people are still on the same pay?

A: There is a thing called BID and all businesses in the town centre pay a levy and the council pays the largest levy and what we have said is this year we will keep the lights but we are looking at getting the BID and some of the big retailers, Binns, M&S, to chip in to see if we can keep the lights going for 2017.
We don’t claim to be perfect but we do care and we do try. That’s why we have elections and anyone can stand.