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To maintain the Head of Steam Museum (£228,000)

Future Funds

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To ensure funding to maintain key assets relating to the Borough’s Railway Heritage.

[Reference: Cabinet papers, Item 6, paragraph 52(i)]



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What will be the impact on voluntary organisations such as Citizen’s Advice, Age UK, GADD? What happens if they close?

What will be the impact on voluntary organisations such as Citizen’s Advice, Age UK, GADD? What happens if they close?

We fully support the work of our voluntary sector partners and hope to continue to work with them in the future. However, the financial situation is such that the Council is not able to continue funding these organisations at current levels. The likely impact of the budget proposals on these organisations is currently being identified, following discussions with the organisations most affected. We hope that they are able to continue their work by looking at where they can make further cost and efficiency savings, but we appreciate that in some cases this may not be possible and it will therefore mean a reduction in the support they can offer to the residents of Darlington.  It could lead to the closure of organisations if they are unable to make the necessary changes for them to be sustainable, which will be very regrettable. We want to avoid this happening and we will support organisations making grant applications where we can. We will also be undertaking work to understand the impact of any reductions in service on individuals accessing them. 

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FF 52i (To maintain the Head of Steam Museum)

why? Shildon isn't far away, it's free and better

FF 52i (To maintain the Head of Steam Museum)

This is the third biggest item in the Futures Fund and on the face of it, it seems a vast amount of the very small budget DBC have been left with after the Core Offer. I acknowledge that the town's heritage and culture are important but by contrast, only £100,000 is allocated for all other "Heritage and Cultural Development". And in the meantime, for example, Children's Centres are to be closed and funding for essential organisations like CAB and Age UK is being cut.

I'd like to know why it was felt that the Head of Steam was more important than these kinds of services? Or even 2.28 times as important as all other Heritage and Cultural Development?

Further, what options were considered for maintaining the town's rail heritage in a different form? It's clear that closure of the Head of Steam was considered too detrimental, but what other proposals were considered for reducing the cost to the town? A huge change is proposed to the libraries in order to maintain services but reduce cost, so why isn't there a similar proposal for the Head of Steam and its assets?