LED Conversion and Street Light Column Replacement Work

The council has been successful in securing central Government funding to carry out works to upgrade the existing street lighting to LED lights in order to save £365,000 per year on its electricity bill. All English local authorities were invited to submit a bid to the Department for Transport’s Challenge Fund and Darlington’s bid was one of only 28 to be successful in sharing £275 million. The council will receive a contribution of £5,294,000 to carry out the street lighting improvement works.

The work will take 3 years to complete and will involve converting 11,884 street lights to energy efficient LED lights. In addition to the electricity savings the completed works will reduce the council's carbon footprint by 1,938 tonnes a year.

The council will also be using the funding to replace 4,053 street lighting columns which are over 40 years old, with new columns.

Frequently asked questions

Is every street light being upgraded?

Yes. Some streets within the borough have already been converted to LED lanterns. All other street lights will be converted over a 3 year period between April 2015 and March 2018.

When will my street be upgraded?

Please refer to the maps below which indicates in which year each street will be upgraded.

Will I receive a letter to tell me when the works will take place in my street?

No. In line with existing policies on maintenance schemes, we will not send you a letter as to when the work will take place, as the work will not cause significant disruption.

Why is my street not being converted at the same time as others on my estate?

The most inefficient lighting is being converted first so that we make the largest possible savings on electricity and carbon as soon as possible.

Will the street lights be switched off while the work is taking place?

No. The existing street lights will remain working until the new lights are fitted. Where a new column is being installed the existing light will remain working. The new column will be then installed as near to the existing column as possible. The old light will remain working until the energy supply is switched over and then the old column will be removed and the resultant hole filled in.

Will there be any difference to the lighting?

Yes. The LED lighting gives a whiter light than many of the existing street lights which makes it easier to make out objects and pedestrians.

Will any street lighting columns be removed?

No. The current lighting stock in non-residential rural areas has been reviewed and as lighting is only present at high risk areas, such as roundabouts, there are no proposals to reduce the lighting in these areas. In the residential areas the lighting will be maintained to the current national standards using the existing street lighting column locations.

How much money is the council spending on this scheme?

The Councils contribution to the scheme is £1,650,000.