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Tornado Way / Haughton Road through about

The throughabout was part of the Darlington Eastern Transport Corridor (DETC) scheme that was designed and constructed more than 10 years ago.

The DETC has been a success for Darlington in many ways:

  • It has reduced traffic through Haughton village from more than 5.6 million vehicles in 2007 to 3.4 million in 2017, significantly improving the quality of life of those living in Haughton.
  • It has improved the commute into Darlington along this route significantly, compared to the previous daily crawl through Haughton. During the 8am peak, traffic levels in Haughton village have fallen from 1,096 vehicles to 662 ten years later. Further along Haughton Road near Wickes and Asda, traffic levels have fallen from 1,553 to 617 during the 8am morning peak.  
  • It has helped to support the creation of new jobs and homes at Central Park and Lingfield Point.
  • Existing businesses have been able to expand and develop.

As part of managing the road network and planning for the future, reviews are regularly undertaken and this has identified a number of ‘pinch points’ starting to materialise, which include the through about.  We have reviewed the existing design with the latest information and latest traffic modelling techniques to secure improvements.

A plan of the proposed scheme is available here [pdf document]

The main change to the junction is the removal of the signals to create a conventional roundabout. Pedestrian and cycle facilities that are currently provided as part of the signals need to be re-provided to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists are able to navigate safely across the junctions. New signalised (toucan) crossings will be provided on Barton Street  and Haughton Road connecting existing pedestrian and cycle routes in the area.

The main works will start in September with some advanced work on the reconstruction of the retaining wall on the north side of Haughton Road adjacent to the junction with Hundens Lane. This will create the necessary space to widen the road.