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We have designed this website to take advantage of modern web technologies. For these features to work we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser. 

The table below shows what browsers people use on our site and those that we support.

Supported browsers
Browser Supported Supported until Usage on site (%)
Internet Explorer No June 2020 0.71
Edge Yes Ongoing 5.86
Firefox Yes Ongoing 1.00
Chrome (Desktop and Mobile) Yes Ongoing 35.83
Safari (IOS and OSX) Yes Ongoing 42.56
Opera No N/A 0.13


We have designed this website to work on popular platforms that are currently in use. 

Supported Platforms
Platform Supported Supported until Usage on site (%)
IOS Yes Ongoing 43.87
Android Yes Ongoing 29.78
Windows Yes Ongoing 18.49
Mac Yes Ongoing 6.89
  • Mobile: 68.80%
  • Desktop: 26.00%
  • Tablet: 5.21%

What do we mean by supported browsers?

When we release new features on our website we will test these against the supported browsers listed on this page. Functionality and layout bugs for existing features will also be fixed.

We will not spend any staff time or resources fixing bugs and testing new features for non-supported browsers. Most of the site's main functionality should continue to work although some layout issues may occur. You can fix this by upgrading to a newer version of your browser.

Stats last updated: 25/10/2021 (last 30 days)

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