On this page you can see and have your say on a list of consultations which are currently taking place in Darlington, as well as nationally.

Our consultations

Consultation More information Consultation status
Darlington Borough Local Plan 2016-2036 - Consultation on the Draft Darlington Local Plan, Draft Policies Map and Draft Sustainability Appraisal Consultation on the Draft Local Plan, Draft Policies Map and Draft Sustainability Appraisal began on Thursday 21 June 2018 and will run until Thursday 2 August 2018
You can view all of the draft documents and make comments by going straight to our consultation portal [external link] or further information can be found at our designated Local Plan Website [external link]
The consultation period will run until Thursday 2 August 2018
Office development on the site of the former Beaumont Street East car park Darlington residents and businesses are invited to have their say on proposals for a new office development on the site of the former Beaumont Street East car park.

The proposed new offices, known as Feethams House, would provide Grade A accommodation over five storeys to satisfy future demand for prime offices space in the town centre. For more information please see the consultation page
The consultation period will run until Sunday 20 May 2018
Post 16 Transport Policy Statement - Consultation This transport policy statement [pdf document], [word version] is intended to inform young people, from year 11 onwards, and their parents about what transport arrangements and support are available locally. This document provides information about transport to various types of provision, including arrangements made by bodies other than Darlington Local Authority.

Should you wish to comment on this statement please can you send your feedback to Kay Gamble -, by Friday 18 May 2018.
The consultation period will run until Friday 18 May 2018.

Medium Term Financial Plan 2018 - 2022

On 12 December 2017 Cabinet considered a proposed medium term financial plan (2018-2021/22) for the Council. Full details can be found in the Cabinet papers. Cabinet agreed that the proposal should be put forward for consultation which will run until 24 January 2018. From 13 December 2017 until 24 January 2018
Heighington and Middleton St George - Draft Spatial Plan Consultation As part of the preparation of the New Local Plan, work has been undertaken on exploring future development opportunities at two of the larger villages in Darlington; Middleton St George and Heighington. Draft spatial plans have been drawn up for both of these villages.

More details can be found in the Local Plan website [external link]
From 4 December 2017 until 8 January 2018
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Consultation Darlington Borough Council's Health and Wellbeing Board is updating it's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for 2018-2021. The aim of the PNA is to provide commissioners with a picture of pharmacy services in the Borough, and identify any gaps in provision.
As part of our formal consultation on the PNA, we want to learn more about your experience of, and thoughts about, pharmacy services in your community. Pharmacy services are either services you receive in your community pharmacy or from a dispensary in your GP practice. We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire [external link].
Equality Policy and Objective 2017-21 We are consulting on our new Equality Policy and Objective [pdf document] (Word version) and want your views.

The Council's current Equality Policy and Objective are due to be refreshed and so, following a period of pre-consultation engagement with a range of stakeholders (pre-consultation findings [pdf document] (Word version) and Stakeholder feedback [pdf document] (Word version)), a new policy and objective have been drafted. Whilst an equality policy is not a statutory requirement, it is considered best practice and helps demonstrate our commitment to meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty, as defined by the Equality Act 2010. 

We would welcome your views on the draft equality policy and objective, via the linked survey [external link] or via email to or phone to 01325 406083. You can also use these contact details if you would like to request further information or require hard copies of any of the documents.
Ingenium Parc development Ingenium Parc, near Yarm Road, has been identified as a key development site within the Council’s investment plan and Local Plan, as well as being one of the top five priority economic growth projects for the borough. We want to hear the views of residents and businesses about the plans for the site. Closed
Darlington Sexual Health and Contraceptive Services Survey We need your views on the free and confidential contraceptive and sexual health services provided by the Council.

We want to make sure the services, including the screening and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, are meeting your needs.

Click here for the pdf flyer [pdf document] or here for the easy read document [pdf document].

You have until Monday 18 December to have your say - you do not need to give your name or leave any contact details. Please complete the survey and let us have your views about the way sexual health services should be provided in and around Darlington. There are also two drop in sessions where you can have your say on Tuesday 7 November 2-4pm and on Thursday 9 November 6-8pm in the Dolphin Centre foyer. Please follow this link to take the survey
Corporate Plan and Performance Framework A draft version of the Corporate Plan and associated Performance Framework was approved for consultation by Cabinet on 12 September.

The plan is an overarching high level strategy drawing together existing strategies and plans that have already been subject to consultation.

The plan details how the council contributes towards the outcomes set out in the wider Sustainable Community Strategy and its own organisational objectives. It aims to provide a clear and accessible summary for members, partners and residents of our priorities for Darlington over the next 4 years, and our key planned activities. It is aligned with the four year medium term financial plan that was agreed by members in June 2016, and is supported by a performance monitoring framework to measure progress against the key outcomes, both internally and borough-wide, and the needs of residents.

Should you wish to comment on the plan please can you send your feedback to Natasha Telfer ( by Wednesday 25 October 2017. 
Adult Eligibility Criteria Consultation on the proposal to change Darlington Borough Council’s eligibility criteria for receiving Adult Social Care support.

The Council has recently made the decision to consult with residents of Darlington in respect of a change it proposes to make to the Council’s Adult Social Care Eligibility Criteria.

Click here for more information.
Central Park Consultation Our vision is that by 2030, Central Park will be a thriving neighbourhood of commercial business space, office space, a hotel and new homes linked with green spaces and a public square.

Central Park is already a success story proving new housing and a higher education campus for Darlington College and Teesside University and we want to build on that success.

An original masterplan was prepared in 2012 and since then work has started on the delivery of new houses in the northern part of the area. The revised masterplan gives more details of how the commercial business park in Central Park South will be delivered and draws all areas of the site into one plan
Tees Valley Road Network Improvement [external link] Improving roads, improving lives - We are always looking at ways to improve the borough and its economy. In partnership with the Tees Valley Combined Authority, the four other Tees Valley councils and Highways England, we have set out proposals for better transport connections across the whole area. You can read more about the proposals here [external link].

You can download the Connecting Tees Valley's brochure about the proposals here [pdf document]
Children and Young People's Plan consultation We want to make sure that all children and young people growing up in Darlington get the best start in life - for example you feel safe, are healthy, are achieving at school, and grow up in a caring community and enjoy life. There is a plan in place called the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) which sets out how we can achieve this. This plan is currently being re-written to cover 2017-22.

Click here for details of how to find out more about the plan and have your say.
Consultation on the Federation of Borough Road Nursery School and George Dent Nursery School The government is changing the way early years education, for all 3 & 4 year old children, is funded. A universal rate for all early years children was implemented in April 2017. The government have provided temporary additional supplementary funding for maintained nursery schools. The additional supplementary funding will support transition to the universal rate. This presents a financial challenge to the two Darlington maintained nursery schools. Closed
Blackwell Draft Planning and Development Brief The Council has recently consulted on a draft Planning and Development Brief for Land to the East of Carmel Road South (Sites HE1 to HE4 - Former Blackwell Grange Golf Course). For further information, please visit the 'Blackwell Draft Planning and Development Brief' page Closed
Children's Centre Delivery The Council is facing ongoing financial challenges, which means we have had to look at different ways of ensuring that our Children's Centres continue to deliver on a range of council priorities, including reducing child poverty and providing early help and support to families. We want to know what you think about our proposal to make Children's Centres more flexible, efficient and effective. Click here to find out more and have your say. Closed
Council Tax and Adult Social Care precept On 17 January 2017, Cabinet proposed to increase Council Tax by 1.99% each year up to 2020/21, with a social care precept in three of the next four years, as agreed by the Government, to help fund the increasing cost of adult social care.
Proposed increases 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Council Tax increase 1.99% 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
Social Care precept 3.00% 3.00% 0.00% 2.00%
This update to an earlier proposal follows the announcement of the Local Government Finance Settlement in December. We would like your views on this proposal, particularly and positive or negative impacts it may have on you. The consultation ran from 17 January 2017 to 13 February 2017.
Library Consultation A six week consultation on the design and operation of the proposed relocation of the Central Library Service to the Dolphin Centre started on Monday, 3 October. For more details, visit Link to items for Cabinet meeting on the 17/1/2017 Closed
Employee Skills Survey Our Business Engagement Team is conducting an Employer Skills Survey [external link] to detail the existing skills of the Darlington workforce and to get an overview of existing employee skills and their future requirements which will help to shape project and activity in the future. Ongoing
Darlington Rethinking Parks Let us know your thoughts about South Park, The Denes and North Park [external link] Ongoing
Childcare Audit Have your say about childcare provision in Darlington Ongoing
Learnview Have your say about learning and skills in Darlington [external link] Ongoing
Home care and support More Details about Home Care Support [pdf document] Closed
Experience July Darlington strategy The Experience Darlington Strategy is a tying together of existing strategies to come up with an overarching strategy for visitors to Darlington. There is a real opportunity for the town to make more of its unique ‘ingenious’ story, from its lead role in the birthplace of the modern railways, Quaker heritage, through to its globally renowned reputation for bridge building and a thriving theatre and arts scene. Experience Darlington will look ahead into the future – thinking how we can develop real attractions that entice people to our town; making local people proud.  Closed
Local Plan Issues and Options scoping consultation The council is currently consulting on the new local plan. For more details and to have your say please visit the local plan microsite. Closed
Medium term financial plan 2016/17 to 2019/20 Between February and June, the Council went through the process of setting its budget for 2016/17 to 2019/20. The medium term financial plan (MTFP) budget consultation ran from 12 February until the end of May. For more information about the MTFP, visit.  Closed
The Budget 2012-16 Details regarding the breakdown of the budget Closed

Consultations by our partners

Consultation More information Consultation status

Have your say, The 2018 National Rural Crime Survey

Local residents have a brand new opportunity to have a say about rural crime in the 2018 National Rural Crime Survey, launched by the National Rural Crime Network.

Have your say to help to provide a picture of what has improved, what challenges remain and what more can be done to make a difference to the lives of those who live and work in our rural communities.

The survey is now available at: [external link]

The consultation closes on Sunday 10 June 2018.

Why is there a survey?

It is three years since the last National Rural Crime Survey and it is now time to repeat it.  It is important to see what has changed since the 2015 survey.   It will help to provide a picture of what has improved, what challenges remain and what more can be done to make a difference to the lives of those who live and work in our rural communities.

How will the results of the survey be used?

The results of the 2018 survey will be used by the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner to inform and formulate the next County Durham and Darlington Rural Statement which will be published in the autumn. This will help to deliver effective, appropriate and efficient services to our Rural Communities.  The results will also feed into the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Rural Affairs National Strategy for 2018-2021 which is also due to be launched later this year

Closes on Sunday 10 June

Broadband Consultation 2018

Darlington Borough Council is working with partner councils as part of the Digital Durham programme to improve broadband infrastructure.

Digital Durham is working to provide superfast broadband in the council areas of County Durham, Gateshead, Sunderland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Tees Valley (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Redcar and Cleveland). We work in partnership with Broadband Delivery (BDUK), which is part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Digital Durham contracts suppliers who receive public funding to provide superfast broadband in areas where it is either not available or included in any future commercial plans. Significant investments have already been made with Darlington Borough Council funding and central government match funding from BDUK. Decisions on where public funding can be spent are made following consultation and state aid approval as part of the Open Market Review. 

The public consultation stage of the Open Market Review is now open. This primarily gives broadband wholesale providers an opportunity to comment on the classifications that have been allocated to areas from the data they have supplied. It also gives residents, businesses and communities a chance to review, comment or query the current and planned coverage.

Durham County Council is the lead body for the Digital Durham programme and information on the consultation and how to respond can be found on their website available at the following link:

Closes on 29 July
Reducing Alcohol Harm Survey PCVC Ron Hogg is holding a month-long campaign across County Durham and Darlington about alcohol from 12 June to 9 July 2017. The aim of this campaign is to:
  • Raise awareness of various alcohol matters, through a series of weekly topics over the four week period, and
  • Gather adult public opinion in an online survey regarding alcohol consumption
Relocation of Durham County Record Office Your views are needed on plans to rehouse the Durham County Record Office as part of the redevelopment of Aykley Heads in Durham. More information and how to have your say is here. You have until Sunday 18 February to have your say. Closed
Darlington South Park Foundation - park user survey

Darlington South Park Foundation is a group of independent people who want to work with you and other users of South Park to help shape its future.  The individuals on the steering group are representatives of the local business community, Friends group, Round Table and local charity Groundwork.  We are working in partnership with Darlington Council, to see how we can work to add value to the park on top of the work that the Council undertakes. 

We would like to invite you to take a few minutes to complete a short survey which intends to find out the different ways people use the park and track suggestions of how improvements could be made.  These questions will help form our outcomes and help us prioritise our activities.  Please complete surveys no later than 30 September 2018.  If you require further information email or call 01642 815663

To take part in the survey log onto: 


Get involved