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Community governance review

The Council is carrying out reviews of three parish areas within the Borough.

This consultation concluded at midnight on 4 October 2015 - follow this link to see the changes to parishes and parish councils

The background is that in 2014 the Boundary Commission completed a review of Darlington ward boundaries (for example for Borough Council wards). This resulted in changes to some ward boundaries and a reduction of councillors from 53 to 50.

Full details including maps of the new ward boundaries can be found at

As a result of the changes to some ward boundaries the Council has looked at the effect on parish areas and decided to carry out reviews (known as Community Governance Reviews) in specific parish areas.

After inviting Parish Councils to give their preferences and views, three Community Governance Reviews are to move forward and proposals have been drawn up for new parish arrangements in those areas. It is on these proposals that the Council is now consulting


Area under Review

Proposal for consultation

Archdeacon Newton Parish Community Governance Review


That Archdeacon Newton Parish Council ceases to be a Parish Council and becomes a parish meeting.

The boundary is changed to the line of the A1M. The area East of the A1M (known as High Grange) should no longer form part of a parished area

If this is accepted it is proposed that a recommendation is made to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to suggesting the ward boundary also be redrawn along the line of the A1M. This would move the 13 voters within the Archdeaon Newton parish area into the rural ward of Heighington and Conniscliffe (this would not take effect until the 2019 local government  ward elections).  This boundary would reflect the existing Parliamentary Boundary and reflect community identity.

Hurworth Parish Community Governance Review

That the boundary be redrawn so that a small part of the Skerne Park housing development, known as the Pastures, currently part of the Hurworth Parish (now part of the new Park East ward) ceases to be in the Hurworth Parish boundary.

That this area of the Park East ward will cease to be parished.

It is not proposed that the number of Hurworth Parish Councillors would need to change


Low Dinsdale Parish Community Governance Review

That Low Dinsdale ceases to be a Parish Council

That the northern part of Low Dinsdale parish be combined into Middleton St George to create an area of greater Middleton St George.

It is not proposed that the number of Middleton St George Parish Councillors would need to change

That the southern part of Low Dinsdale together with Sockburn Parish Meeting be combined to create a greater Neasham Parish Council as indicated on the map.

The Detail

For more detailed information about the proposals for each area please click on the area under review (the left column in the table above) and you will be taken to a separate page.


Date Activity

April-June 2015

Launch of Consultation inviting submissions from Parish Councils and local interested groups on their proposals for their areas.

July 2015

Council consideration of submissions and preparation of draft proposals.

August –September 2015

Public consultation on draft proposals

November 2015

Final decision by Council and approval of draft Order

December 2015 – March 2016

Implementation of Order, financial arrangements and conduct of nominations/elections.

1 April 2016

New arrangements come into force

May 2016

Election/co option of Parish Councillors for  Parish Councils being newly constituted

Your Views

We would like to hear your views and comments about the proposals. Your views are important whether or not you agree with the proposals set out. 

The deadline for you to let us know your views is by the end of Sunday 4 October 2015. Please send your emails to [email protected].

If you need more information please email or ring Barbara Harris 01325 405812.

All consultation responses will be made available for inspection on the Council website.

Responses from this Consultation

Previous Responses from Parish Councils and Parish meetings

Other information

Law and Guidance

The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act and detailed guidance from the Department for Local Government and Communities dated March 2010 on Community Governance Reviews  requires the Council to consider whether to review parish boundaries.

More information about Parish Councils and Parish Meetings

Please follow this link for our page with extra information relating to Parish Councils and meetings