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Archdeacon Newton

Archdeacon Newton Parish Community Governance Review

Current Position

The current Archdeacon Newton Parish Council is entirely within the Brinkburn and Faverdale Ward which was extended by the recent boundary review into the rural area to reflect the area of the parish. 

What is being Proposed

That Archdeacon Newton Parish Council ceases to be a Parish Council and becomes a parish meeting. 

The boundary is changed to the line of the A1M. The area East of the A1M (known as High Grange) should no longer form part of a parished area.

View a map showing the proposed changes [pdf document]

If this proposal is accepted then it is also proposed that a recommendation is made to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England suggesting that the ward boundary also be redrawn along the line of the A1M. This would move the 13 voters within the Archdeaon Newton parish area into the rural ward of Heighington and Conniscliffe (this would not take effect until the 2019 local government  ward elections). This boundary would reflect the existing Parliamentary Boundary and reflect community identity.

Reasons for Proposal

There are currently two separate areas of community identity within the Archdeacon Newton Parish. These comprise two distinct groups, people who live in the rural area of Archdeacon Newton in and around the village, and those who reside south of the A1M within the Faverdale housing development in the urban area of the Brinkburn and Faverdale ward. 

The current population base has changed over time as housing in Faverdale has expanded. This is now such that the population of Archdeacon Newton is predominantly urban, and yet the Parish Council historically and by membership is mostly rural. The upper rural part of Archdeacon Newton has a population of 17 and the lower urban part has a population of 836.

The current boundary line with the urban area can result in residents living in adjacent houses in the Faverdale housing development paying or not paying a precept according to the position of their house with regards to the parish boundary. 

Residents living in Faverdale may have little in common with residents in the rural area. Similarly the residents of the rural area may have little in common with the urban part of the Parish Council.

Neither of the two distinct and separate community groups (the rural area and the urban area) are best served by the current arrangements.

This is the reason for moving the current parish boundary to the A1M as a new boundary.

It would mean that for those living in the urban part of the Parish Council, they would (like their neighbours) not be parished or subject to a precept for a Parish Council or parish area that they may not readily identify with.

For the remaining part of Archdeacon Newton (to the west of the A1M), there are insufficient numbers for the rural part of the Parish to continue as a parish council. A newly constituted parish council must have over 150 electors. It is therefore suggested that Archdeacon Newton should become a Parish meeting. This would provide an alternative community arrangement to the Parish Council.

If the changes to parish arrangements are accepted then it is also proposed to recommend to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England that the ward boundary should be redrawn along the line of the A1M. This is to achieve coherence between the parish boundary and the ward boundary.

Your views

We would like to hear your views and comments about the proposals. Your views are important whether or not you agree with the proposals set out. 

The deadline for you to let us know your views is by the end of Sunday 4 October 2015. Please send your emails to [email protected].

If you need more information please email or ring Barbara Harris 01325 405812.

if you have any comments or queries regarding the review please send them to [email protected]