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Hurworth Parish Community Governance Review

Current Position

Hurworth Parish currently includes the western area of the Hurworth ward up to the boundary of the urban wards and south to the Borough boundary with the eastern part of the ward covered by Neasham Parish.  Following the implementation of the ward boundary review a small part of the Skerne Park housing development (known as the Pastures) forms part of the Hurworth Parish but is now part of the new Park East ward.  

What is being Proposed

That the boundary be redrawn so that a small part of the Skerne Park housing development, known as the Pastures, currently part of the Hurworth Parish (now part of the new Park East ward) ceases to be in the Hurworth Parish boundary.

That this area of the Park East ward will cease to be parished. 

It is not proposed that the number of Hurworth Parish Councillors would need to change.

View a  map showing the proposed changes [pdf document]

Reasons for Proposal

There are two distinct areas of community identity in this part of Hurworth Parish Council. The residents living in the Skerne Park (the Pastures) are separated from Hurworth by the A66 and then a fairly considerable rural area before the Hurworth conurbations.

The current boundary line with the Park East Ward, can result in residents living in nearby houses in Skerne Park paying or not paying a precept to Hurworth Parish Council according to the position of their house with regards to the parish boundary. 

Residents living in this part of the Park East Ward may have little in common with residents in Hurworth. Similarly the residents of Hurworth may have little in common with this part of the Parish area.

Neither of the two distinct and separate community groups are best served by the current arrangements.

It would mean that for those living in Skerne Park (the Pastures) would (like their neighbours) not be parished or subject to a precept for a Parish Council or parish area that they may not readily identify with.

The remaining part of Hurworth Parish Council would not significantly be affected by this change. The remaining geography and population centres would however better reflect governance by Hurworth Parish Council. The number of Parish Councillors would remain the same.

Redrawing the boundary as proposed would also align the ward and parish boundaries for local elections (making it administratively simpler).

Your views

We would like to hear your views and comments about the proposals. Your views are important whether or not you agree with the proposals set out. 

The deadline for you to let us know your views is by the end of Sunday 4 October 2015. Please send your emails to [email protected].

If you need more information please email or ring Barbara Harris 01325 405812.