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Council enquiry into NHS transformation plan

The draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) published by the Darlington Clinical Commissioning Group proposes some potentially big changes to the way health services are provided, in and out of hospital for this area.

Members of Darlington Borough Council considered the Plan at a special meeting of the Council on 17 February. Following the meeting, members voted to support this motion.

During the enquiry, councillors heard representations and evidence from more than 20 speakers, on how the Plan may have an effect on the health and well-being of people in Darlington and residents of the surrounding areas that make use of Darlington Memorial Hospital.

When and where did the enquiry take place?

The Council enquiry and Special Meeting into the NHS draft STP was held from 1pm on Friday 17 February. The meeting was held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.

Were members of the public abled to get involved?

Members of the public were welcome to attend and observe the enquiry. It was streamed to TV screens in the Civic Reception area in the Town Hall.

What was the format of the Special Council meeting and enquiry?

The Special Council meeting was opened and then adjourned to allow the enquiry to take place. The STP team were invited to present the plan and take questions from elected members, before stakeholders and members of the public who have registered and interest gave their views and evidence on any aspect of the plan.

At the conclusion of the evidence submissions, the STP team was able to respond to what has been said. Special Council will then be reconvened to consider the Council’s view of the Plan. Members voted to support this motion.

Videos of the STP enquiry


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Councillor Veronica Copeland, cabinet member for adult social care and housing [external link]

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman [external link]

Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman [external link]

Councillor Jim Clark, chair of scrutiny, North Yorkshire County Council [external link]

Councillor Ray Goddard, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council [external link]

Councillor Richard Bell, member of the health overview and scrutiny committee, Durham County Council [external link]

Professor Jerry Murphy, consultant at Darlington Memorial Hospital [external link]

Dr. Malila Noone, Retired NHS consultant microbiologist [external link]

Gillian Peel, CEO of Age UK Darlington [external link]

Ada Burns on behalf of John Elliston, chief executive of Darlington 700 club [external link]

Duncan Rothwell, regional organiser (education lead), UNISON [external link]

Dr. Bunny Forsyth, consultant psychiatrist at Roseberry Park Hospital [external link]

Dr. Judi Sutherland [external link]

Lesley Brown - SOS Darlington campaign [external link]

Dr. John Sloss - SOS Darlington campaign [external link]

Christine Kingsland [external link]

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Peter Plant [external link]

Louise Graham [external link]

Carol Reeves, Keep Our NHS Public County Durham [external link]

Hugo Radice, secretary Dales Labour Party (Richmondshire) [external link]

Jo Land, 999 Call for the NHS [external link]

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