School Forum

The school forum is a formal advisory and decision making body for the allocation of funding for schools in Darlington. The main roles are:

  • To be consulted upon changes to the funding formula proposed by Darlington Borough Council
  • To decide upon the allocation of funding for centrally held budgets
  • To give a view upon a number of areas including: 
    • contracts for the provision of services to schools
    • the minimum funding guarantee
    • financial arrangements for special educational needs
    • financial arrangements for education out of school
    • financial arrangements for early years

Future meetings

  • 13th October 2020
  • 12th January 2021
  • 9th March 2021
  • 18th May 20201

All meetings take places at the Town Hall at 2pm.

Most recent meeting

19 March 2020

This meeting was cancelled

Previous meetings


Terms of reference [pdf document]

Maintained Schools

Nursery schools:

Helen Dummond – Darlington Nursery Schools

Primary schools:

Shirley Welsh - Whinfield Primary School, (Substitute - Michelle Charlton - Whinfield Primary School)

Pupil referral unit:

Sally Hudson - Rise Carr College (Substitute – Kerry Loftus - Rise Carr College)

Academy Schools

Academy primary schools:

Peter King (Vice Chair) – Federation of Mowden Schools, Paula Ayto - Reid Street Primary School, Kelly-Ann Lyle – The Rydal Academy, Dominic Vizzard (St George’s Academy) Stuart Crowther (Mt Pleasant Primary), Marianne Taylor (St Bede’s RC Primary), (Substitutes – Libby Truby – The Rydal Academy, Ann Williams St George’s Academy, - John Armitage - The Rydal Academy, Kate Chisholm - Skerne Park Academy, Valarie Johnson – Corporation Road Primary, Gerry Mackowski – St Bede’s RC Primary).

Academy secondary schools:

Dean Judson (Chair) - Hurworth School, Mike Shorten - Carmel College, Nicole Gibbon – St Aidan’s Academy, Kate Reid – Polam Hall School, Mike Fryer - Hummersknott Academy, (Substitutes – Glen Hart - Hurworth School, Maura Regan - Carmel College, Stephanie Garthwaite – St Aidan’s Academy, Cllr Alan McNab - Hummersknott Academy)

Academy special schools:

Mike Butler - The Education Village (Substitute – Katheryn Stephenson - The Education Village)

Non School Members

Diocesan representatives:

Christine Large – St John’s C of E Primary School, Jennifer Moorhouse – Roman Catholic Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle (Substitute - Deborah Fox – Carmel College, Wendy Aitken - High Coniscliffe CE Primary School)

16-19 education:

Paul Richardson - Head of 16-19

PVI early years providers:

Emma Calvert – William House Nursery (Substitute - Ian Maile - Flora House)

LEA observers:

Tony Murphy (Head of Education & Inclusion), Brett Nielsen (Finance Manager), Elaine Sayers (Finance Officer)