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Previous Referenda

A referendum (referenda is the plural) can be called to consult the electorate on a particular issue or pose a specific question.

Alternative vote - May 2011 [external link]

A national referendum was held on the parliamentary voting system, proposing a change from 'first past the post' to the 'alternative vote'

Mayoral referendum - September 27 2007

'Are you in favour of the proposal for Darlington Borough Council to be run in a new way, which includes a mayor, who will be elected by voters of that Borough, to be in charge of the Council's services and to lead Darlington Borough Council and the community which it serves?'

Yes - 7981
No - 11226

Turnout: 24.65%
Votes counted: 19217
Postal votes: 9591
Rejected votes: 10

Whessoe Parish poll 2006

'Should the historic landmark, The White Horse Pub/Hotel be demolished and replaced with blocks of flats?'

Yes - 10
No - 391

Rejected papers - 2
(Total: 403, turnout: 35.04%)

Elected Regional assembly - 22 July 2004 [pdf document]

A referendum was held to see if people wanted an elected regional assembly in the North-East