Mayoral and Civic

The Mayor of Darlington - Councillor Veronica Copeland


I was appointed Mayor of the Borough of Darlington for the 2018/19 Municipal Year at the Annual Council meeting held on 17 May 2018.

The charities I will be supporting throughout my Mayoral Year are D.A.D. (Darlington Association on Disability), the 700 Club and the Royal British Legion.

D.A.D. is a voluntary and charitable organisation, led by disabled people and carers, which exists to promote independence and choice.  It offers support and information and tackles issues affecting disabled people, both locally and nationally.

Mayor Copeland in gowns

The 700 Club is a charity based in Darlington which provides temporary accommodation and support services for vulnerable people, families and couples who are homeless; at risk of becoming homeless, and/or are in need, hardship or distress.

As many know, the Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Royal Navy; British Army; Royal Air Force; Reservists and their families.

View a copy of my speech [pdf document]

Functions and events

The Mayor is available on request to attend many different functions or events. If you wish to invite the Mayor to your function or event, or wish to contact the Mayor, you can do so by emailing [email protected] calling 01325 405996 or writing to: The Mayor's Office, Town Hall, Darlington, DL1 5QT.

If the Mayor is available on the date you require, you will need to send in your request in writing (either by email or letter).


  • Protocol requires that The Worshipful The Mayor, as the first Citizen of the Borough, takes precedence over the other guests (except Royal visitors) and your arrangements should have regard to this.
  • The Mayor should be accompanied by a member of the organisation at all times and 'looked after' throughout the event.


  • The Mayor should be met immediately upon arrival by a responsible representative of your organisation and escorted to the correct position.
  • Arrival time given should normally not be earlier than approximately five minutes before the commencement of the function to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Addressing the Mayor

  • The Mayor should be addressed, irrespective of gender, as 'Mr. Mayor'.


  • If the Mayor has accepted an invitation to speak, or give a response at an event, the relevant information from the organisation must forwarded in advance of the event.

The above information is purely a guide, and further detailed information or advice is available on request.

The Mayor is appointed at the Mayor Making Ceremony on an annual basis. The Council’s order of seniority determines who will be Mayor. The first Mayor of Darlington was Henry Pease [external link] who was appointed in 1867.

Mayoral Insignia

The Mayoral Insignia consists of The Mayoral Chains, The Mace and Coat-of-Arms. View them and more on Flickr [external link].

The Mayor’s Parlour

The Mayor’s Parlour, located in the Council Suite area of the Town Hall, is the room where the Mayor of Darlington receives guests. Originally, the Mayor’s of the Town were rich industrialists who lived in large mansions and a room was set aside in their homes to receive the townsfolk. This room was known as the ‘Parlour’. When Town Halls became fashionable, the room set aside for the Mayor retained the name ‘Parlour’.