The Mystery of the Missing Major

31 October 2019
11:00 to 15:30
01325 405060
Head of Steam
Included in admission and annual passes
Darlington Borough Council

When the Countess of Darlington stepped aboard the steam train to travel home she had three cases and all her jewellery with her. But as she stepped on to the platform she discovered her priceless jewellery has vanished.

And as the investigation into the theft begins the Major who had been travelling in the Countess' compartment and who must be the prime suspect has also disappeared!

Do husband and wife Justin and Stella Case know more than they are letting on? What did the train guard see? And does the detective travelling aboard the train know something no one else does?

Can you turn detective to return the Countess' jewels and uncover what really happened to Major C Rimes?

Join us as we discover fingerprints, footprints and more during our fun mystery investigation where you'll play together - children and adults - to solve the mystery.

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