Baba Yaga

05 April 2022 to 16 April 2022
10:00 to 19:00
The Hullabaloo
Theatre Hullabaloo

A deliciously dark and funny fairytale where danger skulks but safety is closer than you think... A sister and a brother are forced to flee from their home only to find themselves alone in a whole new landscape. A New-Place. Surely they will find safety here? But shshshsh! Just beyond in a chicken-leg house, lurks the most dangerous new danger, of the snap-you-up-and gobble-you-down-if-you’re-not-careful variety. The most infamous of witches. The most unpredictable of adversaries. The lip-smacking, chiddler-nicking, fear-smelling Baba Yaga! Stand by for magical shenanigans and belly-laughs aplenty which celebrates the brilliance and bravery of children (if you can stop shaking in your socks that is!). A dark new fairytale, where danger skulks in the least expected corners, but safety is closer than you think. ‘Shshshsh! She’s here!’ Suitable for 6+ years Performance times: 9th April – 11am and 2pm 12th April – 2pm 13th April – 11am (BSL) and 2pm 14th April – 2pm (NDF) and 6pm 16th April – 11am and 2pm Duration: 60 minutes School performances are available the 5th - 8th April 2022, contact Theatre Hullabaloo for more information.

This event is not run by Darlington Borough Council.

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