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Our accessibility policy and statement,explains our website's current level of accessibility.

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Our browser support page contains information about which web and mobile browsers work with our website.


Our cookies page contains information about how we deal with cookies and the EU e-Privacy directive.

Discussion forum

You can have your say about certain issues on our discussion forum [external link].

You can read all the posts without registering, however if you want to post a message you must register [external link].

Our forum is hosted by Website Toolbox [external link] which is a third party organisation and not controlled by us.

More information about our discussion forum and our terms and conditions of posting [external link].

The Legal disclaimer for our discussion forum is available on our legal disclaimer page.


You will need Adobe Reader [external link] to view PDF documents. It is free to download.

We also have Microsoft Word and Excel documents on this website. If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer you will be able to view them, however there are also free viewers available to download.

External websites

We link to all external websites (pages which are not part of this website) and documents in new windows. If a link points to an external site, it will say so in the link.

Links to other pages on this website will open in the same window.

We get a lot of requests from members of the public and organisations asking for us to link to their websites from Although we will consider your request, we reserve the right to refuse to add links to this website.

Our legal disclaimer states that we are not responsible for the content or reliability of websites that we link to.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps on this website.

We make every effort to make sure that the information provided in the maps is accurate and up to date, however we can't be held responsible for any inaccurate or missing information.

If you think that any information on this map is incorrect, email us at [email protected] and we will get it fixed.

Further information about the terms of use of Google Maps [external link].

Why does your website want to know my location?

If you use the mobile version of this website and use a page with a Google Map on it, you have the option of pinpointing your exact location using your mobile phone. You can also use this functionality on Firefox 3.6+, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 10+. This functionality is optional and we do not store/track your location when using this service.

Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate the majority of pages on our website into over fifty different languages. We hope that this will make more of the content on this website accessible to a wider range of people.

The translate link is on the bottom right-hand side of all pages.

You cannot directly translate documents, but you can paste the content into the Google Translate website [external link].

Google's translations are created by machines - this means that the translation will be of the most common use of a word and may not necessarily take the context a word is used in into account. The translation should still be understandable though. 

High contrast view

You can view a 'high contrast' version of this website. This has been designed so that web users with visual impairments can view the same website information in an easy to read format.

To view the high contrast version of the site, select the 'high contrast view' link at the top of each page. To return to the standard version of the page, select 'standard view'.

Legal disclaimer

Read our legal disclaimer for this website, including our policies on third party software and linking to other websites.

Mobile version of website

There is a mobile version of this site where you can access information in a mobile phone friendly format. You should automatically be switched to a mobile layout by going to on your mobile device. If the 'full site' appears it may be worth checking your phone's browser settings to make sure mobile view options are enabled.

My Darlington+

My Darlington+ is a free service that lets you create your own mini version of this website and have alerts sent to your email address.

Online forms

Our online forms allow you to fill in a variety of council forms quickly and easily.

Open data

Open data is information which is freely available for use by the public.

Privacy policy

View our privacy notice page to find out how we keep your personal data safe and secure.

Rate this page

You can use our online form to let us know if a page is good, okay or needs improving.

To use this, visit the page that you want to comment on and click on the "rate this page" link - you will be taken straight to the form.

Please provide as much detail as you can, for example - any broken links or information you think is inaccurate.

You can remain anonymous, but if you are happy for us to contact you for more details please provide a contact email address.

Searching the website

There are several ways which you can search for information on this website:

  • A-Z of council services, which lists information alphabetically
  • The search box, which is available on the top right of every page. Our search is powered by Google
  • The site map which provides you with a view of the website based on different themes such as housing and jobs

Social media

We are on several social networks. In our social networks section you can find a list of our accounts, as well as our terms of use and how we will deal with your enquiries.

You can also share information on many social networks by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of every page on this website. This functionality is provided by Addthis [external link].


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All our videos are available on our YouTube channel [external link]. Some of our videos are also embedded on our website.

Videos with spoken narrative will either be captioned or have a transcript. To view captions on videos we would recommend installing the most recent version of Flash Player [external link].

We are only responsible for the videos contained in our YouTube channel. Related videos are not under our control.

There are more accessible versions of YouTube available if needed, for example accessible interface to YouTube [external link].

Websites we look after

Here is a list of websites that are owned and administrated by Darlington Borough Council.

These websites are maintained by us, but the website itself is part of a franchise, or national network:

Domain names

We own several domain names which redirect back to this website. These include:

We also manage and maintain several social networks on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.