Online forms

Our online forms (sometimes referred to as eforms) allow you to fill in a variety of council forms quickly and easily. This guide shows you how to register and how to fill in a form.

How to register

You do not have to register to complete the majority of our forms, however registering can make completing them quicker and easier.

  • Your online forms can be pre-filled with your contact details
  • You can track the progress of completed forms
  • It is easier to save forms and come back to them at a later date.

You will need to register to fill in a job application or online school admissions.

You can register by clicking this link [external link]. Alternatively, you can click on the register now link on the left-hand side of any of our online forms.

Registered details

Fill in the details in the form. If there is a red star next to a field, this means you must provide information. All other fields are optional.

  • Username - you must provide a unique username for logging in. It must be at least six characters long.
  • Password - passwords must be between 8 to 12 characters long and must contain at least one letter (A-Z) and one number (0-9). Keep your password safe and do not give it to anyone.
  • Registration type - you can specify whether you are registering as a person or a business/ charity / other organisation. If you are registering as a person, select individual, otherwise select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
  • Personal information - fill in your name and address here. This information will be used to pre-fill any forms that you complete. You can either type your address in, or click the find button on address lookup to search for your address by postcode. Once you are done, click proceed.
  • Contact details - the only mandatory detail you have to fill in is your email address, but if you fill in your other contact details, this information will be filled in when completing forms. Please be aware that you can't use the same email address for two separate accounts.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you specified in your contact details. You must click on the link in the email in order to activate your new account otherwise you will not be able to login.

If you haven't got your confirmation email, please check your spam/junk mail folder just in case.

Logging in

Registered users

Customer account portal [external link]

To log in, enter your username and password into the pink box.

Once you have logged into your account you will see the following screen:

Citizens portal

To return to this screen at any time, click Darlington Borough Council citizens portal home.

What you can do once logged in

  • Track progress of your current requests - view the progress of forms you have submitted
  • Access your pending forms - view the progress of forms you are currently working on
  • Change your registered details - edit your contact details
  • View details of all your online requests - view your usage of eforms.

There are also options available at the very top and the left-hand side of the page. When you are logged in, you can access these options anytime, even if you are filling in a form.

Customer reference

  • Sign out - sign out of your account
  • Act for 3rd party - when other users set up an account, they can nominate you to fill in forms on their behalf.
  • Delegate access - if you want to nominate someone to fill in forms on your behalf, you can do this here. You can have up to three other users representing you. To do this, you need to know their account number. This is the number which appears at the top of the page when you are signed into the account.
  • Change password - amend your password

Find a form

  • Darlington Borough Council Citizen's Portal home - return to homepage
  • Track progress - view the progress of forms you have submitted
  • Forms pending - view the progress of forms you are currently working on
  • Contact details - edit your contact details
  • Contact history - view your usage of eforms.

Completing online forms

Compulsory information

Some information on forms is optional; but some is compulsory. This is because we need that information from you to be able to process your form.

Compulsory information is marked with a red star (an 'asterisk').

Time out

To protect your personal information, all of our online forms have an automatic time-out after 20 minutes.

This means that if no changes are made to the form during a 20 minute period, all of the information that you have previously entered  into the form will be lost.

If you find the time-out feature is causing problems, there are alternatives available. You can save the form by clicking on the 'complete later' button at  the bottom of each form or alternatively, contact the relevant department who will be able to supply you with an alternative version of the online form.

Contact details

Although some forms allow you to remain anonymous, please be aware that if you do not provide us with any contact details, we will not be able to get in touch with you about a form you have submitted.


Our online forms are located on our secure https server. This means any information you provide on our online forms will be safe and secure.


On some forms you may see a blue circle against a field. Click on the blue circle for additional information to help complete the form.

Saving a form

If you are filling in a form, you can save the form and come back to it later. This can be done whether you are registered or not.

How to save a form if you are registered

  • Ensure you are signed into online forms
  • When you are on the form you wish to save, click on the complete later button at the bottom of the form
  • You will then receive an email saying your form has been saved. Click on the link in the email to complete your form.

How to save a form if you aren't registered

  • When you are on the form you wish to save, click on the complete later button at the bottom of the form
  • A page will appear with a reference number and password - make a note of these as you will need them to access your form. You can change the password to something more memorable if you want.
  • Visit the resume a pending form [external link] and enter your reference number and password. You will then be able to continue your form.

Resume form

Online school admissions

When applying you must be the parent/carer for the child concerned. The information contained in your application must be accurate and places offered on false information may be withdrawn.

By completing the online application you are confirming that you have read, understood and where necessary sought advice before completing the form.

If your circumstances change (for example, you move house) you must inform us in writing.

What information do I need to apply online?

  • Primary applications - you will need to email your child's full legal name, date of birth and full postal address to [email protected] before a StudentID can be issued. This number is required to log in to the system in order to apply for a place.
  • Secondary applications - Darlington residents will receive a pack through their child's primary school which includes the StudentID. This number is required to log in to the system in order to apply for a place.

If you have any problems with applying online please telephone 01325 388812 / 01325 388027 or [email protected].

List of online forms

There is a list of forms available on our report it page