The Dolphin Centre Card

To get your Dolphin Centre card simply complete the quick and easy application form from the Dolphin Centre reception or here online. 

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Latest Dolphin Centre Card Offer - June 2018

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The Dolphin Centre Card is available to over 16's wishing to benefit from: on-line booking, access to special offers, no deposits for equipment hire, advanced bookings and discounts.  

You can purchase a Dolphin Centre Card for an annual fee of £2.50. 

Further discounts are open to Darlington residents (with proof of address) who fall into one of the following categories:

If you are in receipt of: Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Working Tax Benefit, Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit, Income Support, Job Seekers. (Children under 16 years of age of customers who qualify for these criteria are also eligible for concessionary cards). Or if you are: A Carer, Senior over the age of 60, Disabled Person, Asylum Seeker, Children in Care, Full time Student over 16 years, on Maternity or have a Medical / Long-Term Health Condition.


  • Complete this application form [PDF doc] and return to the Dolphin Centre Reception
  • Proof of eligibility if applicable. (see criteria A - N)
  • Your annual fee if applicable.

Please note: A digital photo will be taken and stored for identification purposes only and will NOT be available to any other organisation. Lost Cards: There will be a replacement charge of £2.


  • Housing benefit:confirmation letter
  • Council Tax Benefit:confirmation letter
  • Working Tax Benefit:confirmation letter
  • Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit: confirmation letter
  • Income Support:confirmation letter
  • Job Seekers: confirmation letter
  • Carer: confirmation letter / carers card
  • Senior 60+ years: Proof of age
  • Disabled Person:confirmation letter
  • Asylum Seeker: ARC Card
  • Children in Care:confirmation letter
  • Full time student 16+ years:Stamped Letter from college / university
  • Maternity: NHS maternity exemption certificate
  • Medical / Long-term health condition: Referral from medical professional / on Health Referral Scheme
Adult Card - Annual £2.50 fee
Adult Concession - Proof required
Junior Concession - Proof required
Senior Concession - Proof required
To find out if you are eligible for a concession on core activities - click through here  


  • Dolphin Centre Concessions rates are only open to Darlington Borough Council residents who meet the eligibility criteria (A-N).
  • In all cases proof of address must be provided that clearly shows the individuals name and address, e.g. a current household bill or bank statement.
  • Anyone qualifying for a card under the senior citizens or disability criteria will not have to reapply; the concessionary rate will automatically be renewed each year.
  • All other card holders will be required to reapply annually; cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Dolphin Centre Cards must be produced at all times in order to obtain discounted prices. If your card is not presented, then the appropriate price at the time will apply.
  • Lost or Damaged cards can be replaced at a charge of £2. The original expiry date will still apply.


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What are the main benefits of the card?

  • Special Offers, On-line bookings, Advanced bookings (9 days via the on-line booking
  • system only), No deposits on equipment hire. .

Why has the Dolphin Centre introduced the card?

  • To know who our customers are.
  • To reward loyalty.
  • To better inform customers of offers and products that they are likely to want to know about.
  • To access on-line booking customers are required to have a unique reference number.

Does everyone have to have a card?

  • No it is optional, customers can choose not to have a card but won’t be able to access the benefits
  • including: discounts, special offers, on-line bookings, advanced bookings and no deposits on equipment hire.

Do juniors need a card?

No juniors do not need to have a card, parents are encouraged to get one so that they can take advantage of the benefits.

How do I access discounts and special offers?

Simply by showing your card.

How do I set up on-line bookings?

Go to Healthy Darlington's home page and click on the link for on-line bookings where a few simple steps will give you access. You will need your Dolphin Centre card number to enable you to access.

Online bookings are now available for Squash, Football, Badminton and Exercise classes, please click here: [opens in new window] and register to make a booking. If you have any problems with the process please email

How far in advance can I book on-line with my DC card?

9 days, to secure your booking payment must be made on-line. Non card holders can book up to 8 days in advance and usual rules apply.

Are advance bookings only available when booking on-line?


I am an existing member do I get the DC card benefits?

Yes Dolphin Centre members do get the benefits included as part of their membership but they need to upgrade their existing card to a new Dolphin Centre card at reception.

For activities with more than one person does everyone participating need to have the DC card to access the discounted rate?

Yes. Customers may be asked to produce their card at any time.

Gym users have a Healthy Darlington card does this act as a DC card?

No to access the discounts, offers and on-line bookings they will need to upgrade to a Dolphin Centre card at reception.

Does the card replace the Healthy Darlington Everyone card?

Yes anyone with a Healthy Darlington Everyone card will need to upgrade their card at reception to access the discounts, offers and on-line bookings.

I would like to join as a new member do I need to pay to get a Dolphin Centre card?

No members get the card and the benefits included within their membership package.

Do new concessions have to pay the £2.50 fee for the card?

No they will get the Dolphin Centre card for free but must supply proof of eligibility along with their address.
For further information on the Dolphin Centre card, please call reception on 01325 406000 or email: