Bookmarks ('MD+ this')

Bookmarks allow you to select your favourite and most used pages on this website. You can then access them from your My Darlington+ account and can be emailed when they are updated.

You do not need to have a My Darlington+ account to use bookmarks, but having an account will allow you to store your saved pages and be alerted when they are updated.

How to bookmark pages

MD+ This

Click on MD+ this in order to add the page to your My Darlington+ account. You will then see an updated box which says Page added to My Darlington+

You do not need to have a My Darlington+ account in order to use this functionality - if you don't then a cookie will be saved to your computer which will log all your favourite pages. If you clear your internet history, then your favourite pages will be forgotten.

If you have a My Darlington+ account your pages will be saved temporarily. When you next log into your account, your favourite pages will be added to your homepage.

More information about signing up and logging in.

Managing your pages on My Darlington+

You can manage your pages by logging into your My Darlington+ account and scrolling down to Bookmarks. Here you will see all the pages you are subscribed to. You can bookmark as may pages as you like.

To view your pages, just click on the links (be aware that clicking on the links will take you away from My Darlington+). If you want to delete a link you can do this two ways:

  • by clicking on the red cross next to a link on the My Darlington+ page
  • by clicking on the page added to the My Darlington+ link on the page you have bookmarked.

Alert me

You can set it so that you are alerted when one of your bookmarked pages is updated. You will receive an email to the account you subscribed to My Darlington+ with within 24 hours of the page being updated.

To set up an alert, click on the Alert Me? box in My Darlington+. You can stop an alert by clicking on the box again.

Click on the save button when you are done.