Standard Residential Search (post or DX)  £79.00 
Standard Residential Search (Electronically) £77.00
Commercial Search (post or DX) £119.00
Commercial Search (Electronically) £117.00
Con 29 - 1 parcel of land   £64.00
Con 29 - Several Parcels of Land  1st Parcel of Land (Residential) £64.00
1st Parcel of Land (Commercial) £104.00
Each addition £20.00
Con 29 Optional Each printed enquiry  £5.00
Own Questions    £5.00
Official Search - LLC1    £15.00
(Electronically)  £13.00
Expedited Search (Residential) Fee payable for a standard search to be undertaken on same day if requested before 11am or the following day if received after 11am £140.00
Expedited Search (Commercial) £190.00
Personal Search (Personal inspection of information held in the Land Charges Register)  No charge
Additional written enquiries received after a search has been completed  £5.00