Local Plan Proposals Map - Adopted Policies

Local Plan Proposals Map

The interactive online mapping system displays planning policies currently applicable in the Borough of Darlington [external link] and should be used in preparing and submitting planning applications and consents. Details of the different planning documents which currently make up the Local Plan and the adopted policies contained within them, can be viewed at the New Local Plan page.

How to use the Online Proposals Map - Adopted Policies

  1. View the Darlington Online Proposals Map [external link]
  2. The Proposals Map will open in a separate window. Please allow time for the map to load. The time this takes will depend on your internet connection speed.
  3. Detailed help on using the online proposals map is provided in the top right hand corner of the page under ‘Help’.
  4. Individual or groups of layers can be turned on or off in the key to the left hand side of the screen.