Mutual Exchange

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What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange is where a tenant swaps their current home with another council tenant or housing association tenant.

A council tenant must be a secure tenant and not an introductory tenant.

A mutual exchange can be agreed between eligible tenants anywhere in the country.  To be eligible, you must have the 'right to exchange'.  Please contact us if you are unsure if you have this right.  You must also have a clear rent account and your property must be in a good state of repair.

You should also make sure that the property you wish to move to is in good condition as you will accept responsibility for any alterations to the property carried out by the previous tenant.

Tenants who live in an adapted property, in a bungalow or sheltered housing, can only exchange with someone who needs this type of property.

Both tenants need written permission from us before they arrange to move and exchange tenancies.

How to register

You can apply online at the COMPASS website [external link]

Once your application has been accepted onto the register, you can check the COMPASS website [external link] for any properties in which you are you are interested.

MX Swap List

Check out our swap list [pdf document]