Highway schemes

All Darlington’s A, B and C roads are surveyed once a year by independent specialists using an Surface Condition Assessment for the National NEtwork of Roads (SCANNER) machine to measure a range of road condition parameters. A quarter of the unclassified network is surveyed visually on a yearly basis by an independent inspector.

These surveys not only provide the government with a national performance indicator but are used by our Highway Engineers to produce a medium term (five year) programme of work and also the yearly programme of work based on the available budgets.

Schemes that will be carried out by Highways in 2017/18

  2017 surface dressing sites    
Road classification Street Location When
Unc Aycliffe Lane, Brafferton Brafferton to Lime Lane August
Unc Brafferton Lane, Coatham Mundeville Brafferton to A167 August
Unc Coatham Lane, Coatham Mundeville A167 to Railway Crossing August
Unc North Lane, Killerby for 610m August
Unc Salters Lane, Brafferton for 360m August

For further information on the Micro Asphalting process please click here:

  2017 Carriageway Microasphalting  
Road classification Street When
Unc Archdeacon Crescent September
Unc Banklands Road September
Unc Bartlett Street September
Unc Berrybank Crest September
Unc Bloomfield Road September
Unc Bowen Road September
Unc Bracken Road September
Unc Burnbeck Place, Heighington September
Unc Byron Road September
Unc Caedmon Crescent September
Unc China Street September
Unc Cleveland Terrace September
Unc Cromarty Close September
Unc Deneside Road September
Unc Denmark Street September
Unc Deorna Court September
Unc Dublin Street September
Unc Gilsland Crescent September
Unc Gordon Close September
Unc Greenbank Road September
Unc Hall Lane, Heighington September
Unc Hargreaves Terrace September
Unc Helmsley Moor Way September 
Unc Holgate Moor Green September
Unc Hollyhurst Road September 
Unc Hunstanworth Road September
Unc Ianson Square September 
Unc Kennel Lane September 
Unc Kildale Moor Place September 
Unc Kingstone Street September 
Unc Kingsway September 
Unc Leafield Road September 
Unc Limehurst Road September
Unc Lowson Street September 
Unc Manor Road September 
Unc Masham Moor Way September 
Unc Merton Close September 
Unc North Rise September 
Unc Oakhurst Road September
Unc Park Lane September 
Unc Park Place September 
Unc Peabody Street September 
Unc Percy Road September 
Unc Raby Street September 
Unc Redworth Road September 
Unc Rossway September 
Unc Ruby Street September 
Unc Russell Street September 
Unc Sandriggs September 
Unc Scira Court September 
Unc Skipton Moor Court September
Unc Sparrowhall Drive September 
Unc Spring Court September
Unc St Hild Close September 
Unc Starmer Crescent September
Unc Stooperdale Avenue September
Unc The Crossway September
Unc The Stray September 
Unc Thorntree Gardens, Middleton St George September 
Unc Washbrook Drive September 
Unc Weavers Way September
Unc Westgate Crescent September
Unc Westgate Road September
Unc Willow Road September 
Unc Winchester Way September
Unc Witbank Road September
Unc Worton Drive September 
  2017 Footway Microasphalting  
Road classification Street When
Unc Allington Way June
Unc Annandale June
Unc Barmpton Lane (A1150 to Clarendon Road) June
Unc Bellburn Lane June
C39a Darlington Road, Heighington June
C38 Dibdale Road, Neasham June
A167 Durham Road, Coatham Mundeville June
Unc GallowayJune June
A167 & C40a Harrowgate Village and Burtree Lane  June
Unc  Henson Road June
Unc Lingfield Way June
C38 Middleton Road, Sadberge June
C144  Neasham Hill, Neasham June
C38 Neasham Road, Hurworth June
Unc New Lane, Neasham June
C39a Redworth Road, Heighington June
Unc Sockburn Lane, Neasham June
Unc St Michael's Crescent, Heighington June
Unc Strait Lane, Hurworth June
Unc Tayside June
C38  Teesway, Neasham June
B6275 The Green, Piercebridge June
  2017 Highway Schemes    
Road classification Street Works When
A167 Croft Road phase 6 Resurfacing May
C39 Walworth Gate to Staindrop Road Haunch reconstruction September
A68 Northgate roundabout Throughout July
B6275 The Green, Piercebridge The Fox Hole pub to bridge resurfacing July
C46 Haughton Road Throughabout to Devonshire Road resurfacing August
Unc Tubwell Row/Crown Street roundabout Resurfacing September
B6279 Staindrop Road phase 1 (from Carmel Road) Carmel Road north roundabout - westwards resurfacing October
Unc Hollyhurst Road A68 Orchard Road resurfacing August
Unc Greenbank Road A68 Gladstone Street resurfacing June
C39  Walworth Road Walwoth Castle to bottom of the bank resurfacing Sept/Oct
Unc Snackgate Lane Throughout resurfacing October
C38 Church Row, Hurworth Near Emmerson Arms resurfacing October
Unc Portland Terrace/Larchfield Street A68 Duke Street resurfacing June

 Future Funding Bids

Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund [pdf document, 13mb] 

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Locations are approximate and could change until scheme is designed and cost is clarified

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