Darlington Youth Partnership

The idea of Darlington Youth Partnerships is to take forward issues that children and young people from the Borough of Darlington have identified and to campaign for change to happen. We aim to ask for their opinions on the important things going on in Darlington, whether it is new town developments, cuts to public spending or youth activities.

Make Your Mark

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Jess Halliday Darlington’s MYP

Hi I am Jess Halliday I am 16 and currently studying for my A levels at Carmel Sixth Form. I am Darlington Member Youth Parliament (MYP) I was elected in March 2016 to do the following.

  • Transport prices- reduce public transport costs for 16-18 year olds
  • Mental health- raise awareness and support for Mental Health: A recent Mental Health survey by Healthwatch Darlington included concerns over waiting times and children and young people not feeling that they were actually helped once accessing the services! And 61% of our children and young people survey users told us they don’t think there is enough information available for young people about mental health services.
  • Work experience- increase availability of work experience for young people 

Click the link to see more on my manifesto [pdf document]

What's Darlington's MYP been up to

  • Make Your Mark ballot, this year a total of 978,216 young people from every corner of the country took part in the annual. The ballot decided what Members of the UK Youth Parliament should debate and vote on to be their campaign for in 2017. In Darlington our turnout was a great 36% compared to last year’s 21%, the top 3 issues in Darlington were as follows; Curriculum for Life, Stop the Cuts that affect our NHS and Tackling Racism and Religious Discrimination, particularly against people who are Muslim or Jewish. Thank you to everyone involved!
  • On the 11th November I attending the Youth Parliament Annual Sitting at the House of Commons and spoke in favour of Curriculum for life. You can watch this live on BBC Parliament [external link]. ‘Curriculum for Life’ and ‘Votes at 16’ were voted as UK Youth Parliament priority for 2017.
  • Following this, I attended a PSHE conference as a keynote speaker- speaking on what curriculum for life is and why we need it. You can see my presentation here [pdf version], [powerpoint version].
  • Liam White, who was Darlington's Deputy Member Youth Parliament, has stood down from his position in order to concentrate on his career; I am pleased to announce and welcome my new Deputy Member Youth Parliament, Mille Tezcan-Fotoohi who be working alongside me! Mille is a great addition to Darlington Youth Partnership.
  • Through the next few months, I hope to be looking at a mental health campaign in Darlington with Rachel Osbaldeston. Also, we are hoping to arrange meetings with local bus operators including Arriva to look at transport prices. Mille and I will also be meeting Jenny Chapman MP to look at issues that have been brought to our attention by you in the hope that Jenny can help us Campaign.

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Thanks for reading,
Jess Halliday MYP

If you want more information on how you can have a say please email andy.whittam@darlington.gov.uk

National News

UK Youth Parliament have chosen to campaign on votes at 16 and a curriculum for life in 2017. http://www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk

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