New Council Housing

Tenant Panels visit Red Hall

Members of the Customer Panel, Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Tenant Complaints Panel visited Red Hall to see the improvements made by the regeneration that has taken part on the estate.


Denise Parkin, Chair of the Customer Panel commented “ I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Red Hall, pleasantly surprised at how good the house external appearance managed to completely change the whole area.  We viewed a vacant first floor flat, it was a great success with everyone there, lovely large kitchen with the boiler in a cupboard, in my view they all should be out of sight, lots of storage space and a lot of light coming in from a good sized window.  A bathroom you could actually move about in and not bump into the toilet or sink, brilliant.  Everyone loved the small balcony and the lounge was light and very spacious.

More people need to see the difference these changes have made to Red Hall, they will I am sure be amazed.”  

First Development Starting

The first developments will start at the end of April 2015 in Redhall.  There are two sites being developed starting with Deepdale Way and followed in June by Badminton Close and they will provide a total of 20 two bed flats. Deepdale Way will be ready to let in October 2015 and Badminton Close in December 2015.

Home Med

These new properties are part of exciting changes that are taking place on the estate with significant investment being made. The new spacious properties are designed for modern living with high levels of insulation to keep down energy costs.

Renting a Council Property

Layouts of the new flats

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