Are we making you happy

We are committed to ensuring that we and the services we provide meet the needs of Darlington's residents and visitors. We can only do this if we know what people want. This is why we carry out consultations and involve you in planning how our services operate in the future.

If you would like to provide us with any feedback about our service please complete our feedback form [online form, opens in new window]. You can also complete one of our feedback cards, which are available at all our venues or ask us to add to our feedback diaries.

We carry out daily consultation with our customers and record their feedback; this is then forwarded on to the relevant manager to consider.

4G Customer Service

Designed for this generation.

The team code is the standard that we expect ourselves to deliver when dealing with all customers.

1. Goal

‘We make customers happy’

2. Guarantee

We will always make eye contact and smile at every customer

We will always say please and thank you

We will always put the customer first and apologise for any wait

We will always aim to deliver outstanding standards

3. Get Product & Place Smart

Know our products and our people

Look for the opportunities to promote our products and services

We are smart and our business areas should always be smart

4. Give Feedback

Highlight when things go right and when they don’t

Be creative with ideas and innovation