Get into running

Running is a low-cost activity you can do anywhere. Running can be a great way to catch up with a friend, relieve stress and enjoy the fresh air.

There are some great apps such as Strava [external link] which can be useful for tracking progress, joining challenges and sharing progress with friends.

Starting out

The NHS have some great tips on how to get started [external link].

Couch to 5K [external link]. Fancy the challenge of running a 5K? This free programme will support you in the gradual steps to getting off your coach to feeling comfortable running a 5k. Darlington Harriers [external link] can also support you with your Couch to 5k.

Park runs [external link] are free, weekly, community events all around the world. There is a 5k park run at the South Park [external link] on Saturday mornings and a 2k junior park run [external link] on Sunday mornings for 4-14year olds.

Children over the age of 4 can run the standard 5k park run as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please note the current plans for restarting the park run are Junior 2k from Sunday 11 April and 5k park run from 5 June. Be sure to check the websites before attending.

Running Clubs