About your visit

Arrival times

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your start time and come bowling ready with appropriate footwear.

Please have your booking confirmation ready when arriving at DC Bowl reception which is located in the Bistro on the first floor.

Please arrive on time as late arrivals may not be able to bowl and could lose the total amount paid. Please leave plenty of time for your journey.



Flat shoes are required for bowling participants. You can wear your own shoes providing they are flat and are not sandals, open toes, wedges or heels.

Bowling shoes are available if you don't have suitable footwear.

Bowling balls

We have a wide variety of weights and sizes so everyone can enjoy a game. Balls range from 6lbs to 15lbs. The light weight balls have smaller finger holes for children.

Ramps and lane bumpers

Young children and can use the ramps and lane bumpers to make bowling easier for them. The ramps are also suitable for wheelchair users as their chair can usually fit underneath.

Bowling Hints and Tips

For some useful tips on brushing up your bowling skills you can visit the tenpin website [external link]

Gift Vouchers

Dolphin Centre gift cards area available to purchase, please email [email protected] for full details.

Special Effects

Flashing lights and special effects are in use during play, this may affect individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. 

View of the bowling alleys