Dolphin Centre Academy

One Outstanding Team

What is The Dolphin Centre Academy?

The Dolphin Centre has undertaken a pioneering approach to develop and nurture entrepreneurial mind-sets right across the organisation. They have created a culture whereby staff are fully supported and actively encouraged to behave entrepreneurially – responsibly, passion and drive are key characteristics that are displayed by employees. Part of the Dolphin Centre journey has been its successful approval as an IOEE Enterprise Academy, the status has been used to create structure, recognition and support to ensure they could develop into the entrepreneurial organisation they wished to become. A range of qualifications have been created specifically for the Dolphin Centre Academy, ensuring staff develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to help the organisation to survive and thrive and serve the people of Darlington.

The Academy was awarded a Special Recognition Award at the Houses of Parliament in 2018.

staff receiving an award

Our Vision – Our Purpose

We are passionate about outstanding customer service; our enthusiasm drives business performance and our pride makes us One Outstanding Team.

Team Values – Our Personality

  • Innovation - We are committed to a tradition of innovation and creativity where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and feedback.
  • Energetic - Our creativity finds the opportunities and our passion, enthusiasm and energy make them happen.
  • Quality - We strive to set exceptional standards of excellence and maintain exceptional standards across all product areas.
  • Everyone - We create positive and inclusive experiences for families and provide health and fitness opportunities at every stage in life.
  • Fun - We provide products that are representative of what customers want in an environment that is fun.
  • Credible - Customers believe and trust that they can improve their health and their families’ health with us.
  • Respect - We act as one outstanding team and trust and respect each other, our stakeholders and customers.
  • Responsible - We understand that it is our responsibility to drive business performance.

The Code of Service – Our Standards

4G customer service designed for this generation.
The team code is the standard that we expect ourselves to deliver when dealing with all customers.

1. Goal

‘We make customers happy’

2. Guarantee

  • We will always make eye contact and smile at every customer
  • We will always say please and thank you
  • We will always put the customer first and apologise for any wait
  • We will always aim to deliver outstanding standards

3. Get Product & Place Smart

  • Know our products and our people
  • Look for the opportunities to promote our products and services
  • We are smart and our business areas should always be smart.

4. Give Feedback

  • Highlight when things go right and when they don’t
  • Be creative with ideas and innovation

Team Etiquette

Talk Positive 

Our language will always be positive, constructive and respectful.

Engage & Listen

We will always be open to ideas and feedback and will genuinely listen and hear what is being said.

Attitude & Gratitude 

Our attitude will always be positive and we will always look for the opportunity to show gratitude.

Motivate & Inspire

We will encourage a motivating environment and inspire one another through professionalism and hard work.

What is IOEE?

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs was founded in 2010 creating the first dedicated professional learning institute specialising in business enterprise and business support, a standing still enjoyed to this day within the UK.

The Institute’s programmes and qualifications are built on the extensive research that underpins the SFEDI® National Occupational Standards and the expertise of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the UK’s only professional Institute dedicated to enterprise.

With our programmes and qualifications having been designed to be flexible to meet the wide range of demand within enterprise learning, we recognise the needs of industry to develop enterprising and entrepreneurial individuals to support the sustainability and growth of business and the wider community.

Within this we also develop and publish best practice materials and resources to support the delivery of our qualifications to an extremely high standard ensuring that your customers gain all they require when either starting or progressing their enterprise journey.

If you would like to provide any feedback on our service follow this link.

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