Changing Places Registration Scheme

Darlington Borough Council’s Statement of Purpose for this Facility

The Council is committed to creating equal access for disabled people.

This facility is dedicated for disabled people; in particular people with profound disabilities who require a hoist and changing plinth, as well as a toilet and shower.

This facility will allow disabled people, their family and carers to be confident that trips out should not be cut short, because of a lack of a dedicated changing facility.

This ‘Changing Place’ toilet is situated at the Dolphin Centre which is within the town’s shopping centre/Market Square.

The facility has a ceiling track hoist which gives access to a

  • toilet
  • height adjustable changing plinth
  • level access shower

All of this is provided with good access for wheelchair use.

The facility must be used with a carer when using the hoist and changing plinth. Registration is required to use it. This is to ensure, as far as reasonable practicable, the facility is used safely.

Registration Process

If you would like a hard copy of the Changing Places Application Form, please visit the Dolphin Centre reception on 01325 406000.

A key holder scheme allows the council to ensure that the facility is accessed by disabled people who need it and can use it safely.

Application is on line using the form below.

If you cannot use a computer, then help can be obtained by visiting The Dolphin Centre, where staff can help you via their computers. Please check before visiting by telephoning reception on 01325 406000.

The registration scheme is in line with the guidance from The Changing Places Consortium.

Your Details

Basic Info
Contact information


Competent use of on-site equipment

Hoist details: Guldmann ceiling track hoist with single track over changing plinth. This leads to a small ‘H’ track via a manual operated shunt, that moves over the level access shower seat and a standard toilet. A quick guide on how to use it is on this webpage.

Changing  Plinth: Medi-Plinth  manually  raised  and  lowered  using  foot pedal. Plinth rails and paper towel dispenser included. Manufacturer user manual is also available on this webpage. 

Registrants will need to self-declare and sign an e-form to say that they can safely use the hoist, changing plinth and use their own sling before an access fob is granted.

It is your responsibility to accustom yourself, with the hoist and plinth after reading the manufacturer’s instructions contained in this information pack.

If you cannot use the equipment safely then you must not register your intention to use the equipment in this facility. Please seek advice.

Advice can be sort from the Council’s Moving & Handling Co-ordinator who can be contacted by telephoning 01325 406879. Should you require their assistance, this could delay your registration for use of the facility.

After using the hoist and plinth please:

  • place the handset back in the cupboard and lock it.
  • the plinth and safety rails are lowered down.

Sling Compatibility with the Guldmann Ceiling Track Hoist

Slings will not be provided under any circumstances.

It can be very dangerous and can lead to major injury or fatality, if you use the wrong type of sling with the hoist provided.

NB. Sling compatibility must not be assumed.

There are many sling manufacturers on the market. It is the sling manufacturer who should state what makes of hoists are compatible with their sling.

It is your responsibility to submit at the time of registration, details that your sling is compatible if you are using the Guldmann hoist. There is a mandatory question on the application from that must be answered. Manufacturer’s contact details can be found on the sling’s label and these details will also be asked for when registering your intention to use the facility. If there is no contact info or label or the sling is damaged, then the sling cannot be used in this facility. Make arrangements to have the sling replaced.

Points to remember about slings:

  • slings are for personal use only and only to be used by the personal for whom it was assessed.
  • Using your own sling eliminates cross infection.
  • It is your responsibility to check the sling is in good condition and not damaged before using this facility.
  • The sling must have a legible label that clearly says;
    • The manufacturer and their contact details
    • The sling’s serial number
    • Its safe weight limit (SWL)
    • CE mark to define that it’s made to a specific standard

If your sling does not have a label, or the label is difficult to read, then the sling should be replaced and registration will be delayed until a suitable sling is available to the user.

It is you or your carer’s responsibility to ensure the sling remains fit for safe use once registered.

Servicing, Maintenance and Inspection of the Equipment Including User Checks Prior to Operation

All lifting equipment including the changing plinth, must be serviced and kept   in good working order. The council has competent contractors to provide this service.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also recommend inspection of the hoist and plinth to satisfy Lifting Operations and lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER 1998) when used for work purpose.

Relevant certification can be requested to be viewed if required. Please ask at the Dolphin Reception.

Please go to reception on your first visit to go through;

Door Entry System to Changing Facility and Pool side.

  • This is fob activated and a demonstration can be provided. Please ask at reception.

Emergency call system

  • The facility has a pull cord. Please locate it on your first visit.

Fire and Evacuation

  • Please follow all instructions given to you by staff at the Dolphin Centre. Fire procedures are available if you wish to read them. Please ask at reception.

Cleaning, Hygiene and Disposing of Waste Products

The facility offers level access shower with basic shower seat and drop down grab rails. Users will need to have independent sitting balance.

The facility provides appropriate bins for disposing of pads, paper, gloves and aprons.

Please do not put any of these products down the toilet.

Use the paper roll provided to cover the top of the plinth. Once finished please dispose of it in the bin provided and wipe down the plinth.

Please wipe your spillages up from the floor and report it to reception

Any problems with the facility please let reception know as soon as possible.

Thank you.