What work has been carried out since closing the main pool?

Until the pool was drained the detailed investigatory work could not be completed.  The original pool plans did not contain the level of detail required to draw together the specification therefore, the investigation included sampling areas of the pool by removing the tiles and screed and taking core samples of the concrete for testing.  The findings have then been used to inform the detailed specification for the procurement process.  The procurement process is now complete and specialist contractors have been awarded the contracts to complete the works.  Demolition started on site on Tuesday 21st March.

What could delay the project further?

Until the demolition work is completed and we have clear sight of all the structural elements some assumptions on the level of repair remain however due to the detailed investigation work completed up front the risk associated with these have been minimised.

How confident are you that the pool will reopen in September?

Based on all the information that we have now and the advice from specialist contractors involved in the project we are confident of a September opening. The demolition work could identify a problem that we are not aware of.

What is the problem with the pool?

The pool is 40 years old and without investment will come to the end of its natural life cycle.  Hairline fractures in the tiles due to original design and construction has meant that over time water from the pool has leaked into the concrete below which has corroded due to the chloride.  This means that not only do we need to address the structural work below the pool, but we need to use modern waterproofing technology and construction techniques to future proof the pool.

The project is a complicated project, but Darlington Borough Council are committed to ensuring that residents can continue to enjoy their local pool in the future.

How does the main pool closure effect my membership?

Members can continue to use the temporary pool programme along with the gym and classes.  If you wish to freeze your membership during this period, you can do so by emailing [email protected]

Is poolside completely closed?

The main pool will be closed throughout. The training pool, diving pool and toddler pool will still be available – see website for our programme.

Why is it happening now?

The work is being completed to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy the pool facilities in the future.

How will this work affect the Dolphin Centre?

The work will be contained to our main pool area. There may be some limited noise disruption at times but we will keep customers informed.

Which other services are affected?

Existing Dolphin Centre services, gym, classes, sports, soft play, bowling and the Bistro continue as normal.

When will I be able to swim?

Please refer to our pool page for our pool programme.

Do I need to book?

Yes. Deep water swim in the diving pool, weekday mornings 9am-11am is the only session where booking is not required.

How do I book?

You can book online using your Dolphin Centre card, or call reception on 01325 406000.

Where will I get changed?

The Changing Village remains open as normal.

How do I access the pool?

Access to the pool including accessible change will be as normal.

Will the temporary pool programme change?

The pool programme will be monitored for usage and will be subject to change. Holiday programmes will be implemented.

Are swimming lessons cancelled?

Our swimming lessons will run as normal, we are committed to continuing our schedule of water education.

Why isn’t the training pool open through the day?

To accommodate the schools water education programme.

Are the slides open?

The slides will be closed for the duration of the main pool refurbishment.

Can children over 8 attend the family swim?

All children must be accompanied with an adult for the family swim sessions.

Is there a child age limit in the toddler pool?

Yes. Children aged 6 and under can use the toddler pool with an adult.

Can I freeze my membership?

There is an option to freeze your membership. Please speak to reception for details.

How can I contact the Dolphin Centre to find out further information?

Email [email protected]