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Darlington Health and Wellbeing Board Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Darlington Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) has a statutory duty to review the existing PNA and publish a new PNA document by April 2021.

Current Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Darlington PNA 2022 - 25 [pdf document].

What is a PNA?

  • A statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services in the Health and Wellbeing Board area.
  • A PNA should identify the need at a local level to guide current and future commissioning of pharmaceutical services.
  • It should also provide a picture of what pharmaceutical services an area already has.

Why do we need a PNA?

  • It is a statutory document.
  • In accordance with regulations, the document must be fully revised every three years. This includes updates to supplementary documents as circumstances change.

How use the PNA?

  • The PNA should be used as a framework for commissioners when considering what pharmaceutical services Darlington may need.
  • The PNA links with the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) and should be used alongside each other to support the delivery of local Health and Wellbeing strategies.

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