Council tax and business rates online

Council tax and business rates online

Sign in to Council Tax and Business Rates online by clicking the blue heading above. Once signed in you can access up to date information on:

  • Payments due and any already paid on your account (payments show the working day after they are received by us)
  • Discounts, exemptions and reliefs on your account
  • Council Tax Support award totals
  • Council Tax Band or Rateable Values

Once you have signed in to your account (by clicking the blue heading above) you can also switch to paperless billing.

To inform us of a change of address please visit our online forms pages.

To access your account online you will need:-

  • Your ONLINE KEY from your most recent Council Tax bill or Business Rates bill. This is located near the top right of your bill. If you have multiple bills for the same address only your most recent Online Key will be valid.
  • Your 11 digit payment reference number shown above your name and address on your bill. In some cases the 11th ‘digit’ may be an X which should be included in the signing in process.
  • Your Property Address (Using your postcode will allow you to search for your address)
  • Your First and Last name if you are the Liable Party for Council Tax or your Full Business Name as shown on your bill.

Switch to paperless billing

If you would like to switch to paperless billing you can do so by signing in using the information listed above. Once signed in you can choose to switch to paperless billing and all future bill notifications will be sent to you by email. Your bill notification emails will contain all the information you need to access your bill online.

You will need a valid email address that we can send your notifications to. Once signed up we will send all future Council Tax bills to this address. If you change email address you can log in and update your account any time.

If your Council Tax account is in the name of more than one person then you will both need to sign up for e-billing to stop your future bills being sent in the post.

Online forms

If you want inform us of a change of address, apply for a discount, exemption or relief or you would like to switch to Direct Debit please visit our Council tax or business rates online forms pages.

Property band enquiries

You can use Council Tax Online to check the band of any property in the Darlington Borough Council area. You just need the postcode or street name to do this. Just click Council tax online [link opens in a new window] and then Start under Property Enquiry. If the property is new then it may not yet have a Council Tax band but other properties in the street may already have been banded by the Valuation Office.


Having difficulty accessing your account? See our Troubleshooting information [pdf document].

If you don’t have a bill with an online key you can request one by filling in our online form and choosing the reason for your enquiry as Copy Bill.