The aim of Licensing is to protect the public.

We do this by accepting or refusing applications for:

  • licences
  • consent
  • permits
  • registrations

For more information, contact us at [email protected].


Licensing partnership group

Meets monthly, attended by:

  • Licensing
  • Trading Standards
  • Environmental Health
  • Legal Officers
  • Police

Taxi licensing liaison group

Meets quarterly with invitations sent to all vehicle proprietors and Police.

It is also attended by the transport planning officer.

The role of elected Members

The council decides on licensing policy.

Officers then provide services to members of the public.

The cabinet member with the neighbourhood services and community safety portfolio, is responsible for licensing.

The scrutiny committees may consider any aspect of licensing for scrutiny.

The licensing committee meets every 6 weeks, made up of thirteen elected members.

The committee makes decisions on a range of licence applications and reviews.

A sub committee of 3 members of the licensing committee deal with:

  • Applications under the Licensing Act 2003
  • Applications under the Gambling Act 2005

The Council's enforcement policy [pdf document].


Open for appointments only

  • Monday to Thursday – 9:00am to 16:00
  • Friday – 9:00am to 16:00

Telephone queries

  • Monday to Wednesday – 8:30am to 16:45
  • Thursday – 09:30 to 16:45
  • Friday – 8:30am to 16:15

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