Building Control

Our principal role is to make Darlington a place where people want to live, work and are able to enjoy a high quality of life. Darlington Building Control are committed to this and ensure that through our help a safe and healthy built environment will be achieved and maintained.

Building Control are responsible for many functions of which the principle one is ensuring the health and safety of people in and around buildings by the implementation of The Building Act 1984 [external link] and allied legislation

  • Building Regulations 2010
  • Demolition
  • Dangerous Structures

Our services include

  • Fast turnaround of Building Regulation applications
  • Pre-application discussions and inspection of plans
  • Same day inspection, mobile communications
  • Years of Building Control knowledge within one office
  • Knowledge of ground conditions within the Borough
  • Valuable information regarding existing structures
  • Advice concerning access and facilities for disabled people