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Assertive community connections and engagement support service.

Do you have an issue with drugs?

Or know someone who does?

Have you contacted the Access team?

All we ask is that you are:

  • an adult (18+)
  • using drugs
  • have a gp in darlington
  • are unlikely to get into or remain in treatment services without support
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About us

We offer support to people using drugs.

We can get people into treatment quickly.

We work with other services to give the support that is best for you.

Treatment and recovery

Access can give support to people who may not get treatment without extra help.

This may be because you don’t know where to go, can’t wait, or because you need help to go to appointments.

Outreach work

We go out and about to make sure support is available where it is needed.

We reach out to people who would benefit from using drug treatment services.

Harm reduction

We can provide a range of equipment to lower the harm caused from using drugs.

This includes free syringes and needles, so that people don’t have to use them more than once or share them.

Naloxone. This can help with opiate overdose (such as heroin).

This can be provided as an injection or as a spray that goes up the nose. Naloxone saves lives.

We can also offer advice on injection site care and other ways of lowering risk when using drugs.

Other services

We work with other services to get you support for different areas of your life.

We can find you support with housing, mental-health, money services, and many more.

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