A Hullabaloo under the Sea

25 January 2020
13:00 to 15:00
Theatre Hullabaloo
Theatre Hullabaloo

Join us on a journey under the sea in our latest Hullabaloo themed day Come on a voyage under the sea in our very own planetarium, prepare to move like a sea creature in our dance workshop and get creative in our craft sessions. Don’t forget to sail into our latest creative play installation, Deep Sea Adventures. Our Hullabaloo days are designed to offer a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy and everyone is welcome, however we do suggest that the majority of activities in a Hullabaloo under the Sea will appeal to children aged 3+. You are very welcome to bring younger children, but do check out our wider programme for performances and activities specifically aimed at babies and toddlers. Babe in arms: For productions that are not created for or aimed at babies we offer a free babes in arms ticket for those under 12 months old. A ticket is still required and is subject to availability. Please select “Adult & babe in arms” when ordering online.

This event is not run by Darlington Borough Council.

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