Councillors to discuss Local Plan

Councillors to discuss Local Plan
31 January 2020

Darlington’s Local Plan, the key strategic document that sets out how the long-term aspirations for the borough’s growth and investment will be delivered, is to be discussed by councillors at a special meeting of the cabinet.

The plan provides a guide to where significant new development should be located in the period up to 2036, in particular housing, economic development, community facilities and infrastructure.

Members of the cabinet will meet on Tuesday, February 11, to discuss the proposed Local Plan and to vote whether to agree it and put it forward to be placed on deposit and then submitted for examination by a Government Inspector.

Before the plan is submitted for examination there will be a final six week period where anyone, either an individual or an organisation, can comment on the plan as a whole. These comments will be submitted for consideration by the Government Inspector.

If Cabinet agree to progress to the next stage, the plan will also be subject to a vote by the Full Council, which will meet on Thursday, February 20, at 6pm. 

Councillor Alan Marshall, cabinet member for economy and regeneration, said: “Darlington’s success in the future depends on the growth of our economy. A town that stops growing is one that is in decline.

“The Local Plan gives us a guide as to where, and what type, of development we want to see in the borough in the coming years. Each identified site will require individual planning approvals before any development can commence.

“It allows us to consider the infrastructure and community facilities that will be needed alongside any housing and economic development in a way that we otherwise couldn’t do.

“It gives us a stronger voice to promote positive development but also to prevent development that we don’t think is suitable.

“There has been a good response to consultation throughout the Local Plan process and, if cabinet and full council agree to accept the plan in its current form, we hope that people will take the opportunity to once again have their say.”

There is a microsite dedicated to the Local Plan at where the full document can be read, as well as the background data and information and details of how you can register to stay informed.

“It gives us a stronger voice to promote positive development but also to prevent development that we don’t think is suitable.”

- Councillor Alan Marshall