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Woolsington Drive - Goosepool Way Footpath/Cycle Link

We need your views

Darlington Council is committed to giving residents a bigger say in how local services are planned and delivered. We therefore welcome your views on the proposed addition of a footpath link between Woolsington Drive and Goosepool Way

Darlington’s Transport Strategy

Darlington Borough Council are committed to having a transport system that encourages health and wellbeing and has a positive impact on the environment. We aim to increase levels of walking and cycling by providing a safer and more convenient walking and cycling network.

What we are proposing

Please see the attached:

During the construction phase of the Paddocks View housing estate, a footpath link was created by the developers as part of the planning permission for the site. The footpath links Goosepool Way to the existing walking and cycling route which runs from Sadberge Road past the Whinnies.

We are proposing to continue this link to Woolsington Drive following the existing desire line of an informal path across the grass. The scheme will include:

  • The creation of a 3 metre shared footpath and cycle link from the walking and cycling route to Woolsington Drive (marked ‘footpath’ on the drawings)
  • The installation of birds mouth fencing on the grassed area to the west of the new path to encourage use of the new path and prevent continued use of a second desire line. The existing hedge/shrubs will be maintained.
  • OR The extension of the existing hedge/shrubs instead of birds mouth fencing (an interim fence may be required until the hedge/shrubs mature)

This scheme will be funded from a sum of money paid to the council by the housing developers.

Why are these measures necessary?

We believe that these proposed measures will provide a quicker and safer route for residents to access local amenities and encourage residents to walk and cycle to their destinations. We also believe that it will improve the quality of the route and the surrounding area.

What do you need to do?

Please take the time to consider our proposals as indicated on the attached plans and then complete the short questionnaire. The questionnaire has a space for views and comments which will be considered as part of the consultation process and may help to influence the final scheme.

Following this consultation, we will progress with implementation of the scheme. You will be given the opportunity to object formally to the final scheme proposals.

How do you find out more and get involved?

This page provides information on our initial ideas and a questionnaire is attached to give you the opportunity to make comment on the proposals. However, if there is something you think we have missed or you would like us to consider, please let us know this too.

Our commitment

We will give an undertaking to:

  • Consider the feasibility of the scheme as a whole or in part
  • Listen and consider comments
  • Make appropriate changes to scheme
  • Advise residents of the outcome of this consultation and the next stages
Runs from:
24/06/2021 to 18/07/2021
Roads and infrastructure Planning and Development
Sadberge Middle St George

Noel Walecki

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