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Darlington Station Improvements – temporary use of cattle market site for car parking

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The former cattle market site has been identified as a temporary location of long stay car parking whilst the construction of the Darlington Station Improvements take place.

Before the council submits a planning application on 3rd September, we are seeking your view on this proposal.

Why is this work needed?

A Multi-Storey car park (MSCP) and new station building is proposed to be built on the site of the existing long stay car parks on the east (Neasham Road) side of the station.

During the construction works long stay car parking will need to be provided for and the cattle market site is being proposed as a suitable temporary alternative location.

What are we proposing?

Proposed temporary car park plan [pdf document]

We are proposing to create up to 467 car parking spaces on the former cattle market site as a short term measure to enable the Darlington Station Improvements scheme to take place.

Car parking on the cattle market site is expected to be required from June 2022 for approximately two years. Once the new MSCP is fully operational the temporary car parking on the cattle market site will be closed.

It is proposed that vehicular access to the car park will be off Clifton Road with pedestrian access points in various locations to ensure safe routes to the train station (Victoria Road portico entrance) and Victoria Road.

The existing CCTV will be retained which is part of the Town Centre CCTV system and is monitored and images recorded 24/7.

We have taken care that existing footways, bus stops and traffic calming features are not obstructed and that natural pedestrian preferred routes to Darlington Station and Victoria Road are supported by safety features.


The temporary use of the cattle market as a car park is essential for the wider Station Improvements scheme and will be financed by the main project.

Funding for the wider scheme is being sought from central government alongside funds already committed by The Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority.

Wider Darlington Station Improvements

Further detail and updates on the wider Darlington Station Improvements scheme can be found here:

Darlington Borough Council - Darlington station improvements

Long term use of the cattle market site

The Council will be starting to develop options for the longer term use of the site over the coming year and will be consulting with residents in the future as options are developed.

What do you need to do?

Please take time to consider our proposals and share any comments you may have via the email address at the top of this page by 30th August 2021.

Comments will be considered as part of the consultation process and may help influence the final scheme which will be submitted for planning approval in September 2021.

Runs from:
16/08/2021 to 30/08/2021
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Tees Valley Combined Authority
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