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Walking and Cycling on Woodland Road

Nationally Government has set out an ambitious case for a step-change in cycling and walking to help tackle some of the most challenging issues we face – improving air quality, combating climate change, improving health and wellbeing, addressing inequalities and tackling congestion.

The Tees Valley Combined Authority has worked with the 5 local authorities to develop a Tees Valley Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan [external link]

One of the first two priority schemes to be delivered with the initial funding is Woodland Road in Darlington.

The first phase of the route extends along Woodland Road from the Hollyhurst Road junction eastwards and then via Outram Street to Duke Street.

Work started on this section on 15 November 2021.

The second phase continues the route along Woodland Road to Deneside Road via the Tennis Dene.

We would like your views on this next section. 

Cycle lane, artists impression

Phase 2

Woodland Road is a wide road enabling the traffic lanes to be maintained in both directions, whilst reallocating some of the road space to cyclists through the provision of a stepped cycle lane.

This is a cycle lane that is at a lower level than the pavement but slightly higher than the road surface, thus providing a more obvious segregation from the traffic and pedestrians.

It will provide a continuous route for cyclists without the need to cross side roads. These cycle lanes will be mandatory meaning parking and loading is not allowed to ensure they are kept free for cyclists.

They will extend the route from Hollyhurst junction along Woodland Road via the Tennis Dene to Deneside Road which will be traffic calmed.

Access to Deneside Road from Woodland Road will be banned except for cyclists, reducing traffic on Deneside Road and creating a safer crossing point for cyclists to continue their journey into Cockerton.

The footways will remain mostly unchanged, with priority crossing being introduced on side streets to give greater visibility to people walking along Woodland Road.

The consultation closes on 11 February 2022.

Additional cycle infrastructure will be constructed as part of proposals for a wider highway improvement scheme which incorporates significant changes to the roundabouts at Cockerton and Woodland Road/Staindrop Road/Carmel Road.

Runs from:
14/01/2022 to 11/02/2022
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