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Town centre public space protection order

We introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in March 2019.

Its aim is to reduce anti-social behaviour in Darlington town centre.

The existing PSPO expired on 28 February.

This consultation is for your views on whether it should be renewed.

  • A PSPO is not a blanket ban on certain activities in a certain area.
  • It enables police and civic enforcement officers to deal with disorder. For example, by confiscating alcohol from adults.
  • The aim is to make people feel safe, comfortable, and unconcerned as they go about their day-to-day business.

Expired PSPO details

Proposed PSPO details

What has changed?

The proposed new PSPO is very similar to the PSPO that has recently expired.

We have however taken into account our experiences when enforcing the Order over the last three years and made some minor changes based upon those experiences.

The proposed changes are:

  1. At paragraph 7 we have given more detail surrounding the activities that the Order covers
  2. At paragraph 9 we have sought to clarify that the prohibitions relating to drinking alcohol in a public place are directed towards persons acting in an anti-social manner and how we define an anti-social manner
  3. At paragraph 10 we have clarified that begging is prohibited in all places within the land to which the Order applies
  4. Whilst we are not proposing to alter the land covered by the Order, the map itself that shows the land covered has been updated to take account of any changes to the town centre landscape over the last three years.
Runs from:
07/03/2022 to 02/05/2022
Town Centre


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