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Darlington transport plan

Transport plan

At the heart of transport are people and services.

Transport moves people and goods to where they need to go.

We all rely on transport, and it provides us with opportunities to work, access important services such as education and health and visit people and places.

How we travel will matter even more in the future. It will matter to our future health, wellbeing and prosperity and that of our children’s.

Without substantial efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade we are likely to face severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts on our environment and society.

Darlington transport plan has been developed to address our need to travel and assist the process of reducing our impact on our climate and the wider environment.

It seeks to support sustainable growth of our economy and improve health outcomes.

We would like to hear your views.

Transport plan questionnaire

Town centre plan

Darlington has ambitious plans for the town centre as set out in the town centre strategy 2019- 2030 and the towns fund investment plan.

Transport underpins these developments, enabling people to travel to, from and through the town centre by all modes of transport.

We have produced a transport plan specifically for the town centre to support these plans and we would like to hear your views on it.

Town centre plan questionnaire

Parking strategy

Good quality parking can support the local economy and the quality of our streets and neighbourhoods.

The Borough has a variety of parking requirements to meet the needs of;

  • residents,
  • commuters,
  • visitors,

and for different modes including;

  • cars,
  • HGV’s,
  • bikes,
  • motorbikes.

We have updated our parking strategy to reflect the proposed transport plans.

Parking strategy questionnaire

Please use the questionnaires to give us your opinions.

Runs from:
09/08/2022 to 09/09/2022
Roads and infrastructure Planning and Development

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