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Changes to the disabled facilities grant policy and regulatory reform order policy

We have reviewed and updated our:

Disabled facilities grant (DFG) and regulatory reform order (RRO) policies [pdf document].

These were introduced in November 2020.

Proposed changes to DFG RRO policy

  • Remove the means test for the following adaptations (and any
    • Stairlifts (Straight and Curved)
    • Ramps (semi-permanent)
    • Level Access Showers
    • Through Floor Lifts
    • Wash Dry Toilets
  • Retain the means test for ground floor extensions and garage conversions.
  • Amend the land charge limit to only consider recovery of any adaptations over £10,000 (currently £5,000).
  • Remove the stated amount of money that is charged to the DFG for the cost of Occupational Therapy Services (OT) for the time spent on completing DFG applications and to increase this in line with the increase in demand for DFGs.
  • Allocate costs for the handyman service to the DFG (this is already included in the policy but is not currently charged to the DFG).
  • Remove the £30,000 annual cap on funding for Children’s Social Care for housing assistance for Kinship Care. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis in respect of any additional funding requested over this level.
  • Expand the policy as follows to:
    • Widen the support that can be provided for children and adults with autism/behaviours that challenge, including the provision of safe spaces.
    • Enable the provision of dementia grants to fund small modifications that would allow someone with a diagnosis of dementia to remain living safely in their home for longer.
    • Enable the provision of smart home kits such as a smart thermostat to control heating and hot water.
    • Fund home accident prevention and health and safety initiatives minor adaptations and repairs, such as minor adaptations and repairs, security checks, deep clean and de-cluttering of premises.
  • Give greater flexibility to the use of the DFG as new guidance is issued in the future, without the need for issuing a revised policy that requires Cabinet approval each time the guidance is updated.

We would welcome your comments on the proposed changes.

Please email your comments to [email protected]

Runs from:
25/10/2022 to 28/11/2022
Social Care
Children and Young People Adults

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