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Equality policy and objective

We have an equality policy and objective which we need to refresh every 4 years.

We need your views on our new objective.

Draft refreshed equality policy [pdf document]

Previous objective

In 2018, the objective set out by the council was: 

“To remind all Members and staff of their duties under the Equality Act 2010, demonstrate how the council has done this via training and engagement with services users and support organisations, and publicise the differences that this work has made.”

Progress on the previous objective

Since 2018 we've trained 70% of council staff, and 74% of councillors in equality and diversity.

The training was well received.

61% of attendees said they would change the way they approach equality and diversity following the training.

Engagement with service users and support organisations is on-going.

We use cabinet reports to publicise the differences that this work has made.

We also carry out Equality Impact Assessments.

There have been positive outcomes from a wider awareness of the council’s duties since 2018 such as; 

  • The Equality Reference Group for staff, which is open to anyone who has an interest in equality and diversity. From this a specific group has been launched; the Women in the Workplace group. There has also been recent interest in an LGBT+ group which is being explored.
  • More awareness of equality needs has led to a piece of work to ensure staff can produce documents in plain English. 

It is recommended that training continue to be part of the Equality Objective(s) for the council.

This will help us to keep staff aware of changes to legislation and best practise.

Proposed objectives

Our aim is to build on the training programme and seek to continue to make the council an inclusive organisation. 

Our proposed objective for 2023-2027 is:

To provide ongoing training and support for staff and members to help them meet their duties under the Equality Act of 2010, and continue to report on progress.

Proposed measurement:

  •  The percentage of staff and members trained
  • Number of complaints relating to discrimination based on a protected characteristic.

Potential for further objectives

We want to continue to provide inclusive services to the population of Darlington.

Let us know if there are areas of work around equality and diversity which you think we should include in our objective(s).

To give comments on the objective and the policy please fill in our survey [external link]

If you need a paper copy of the survey or any documents in an alternative format please contact [email protected] 

Runs from:
31/10/2022 to 16/12/2022
Equality and Diversity
Stronger Communities

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